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A paper proposal briefly describing your research paper is due Tuesday November 8th

A paper proposal briefly describing your research paper is due Tuesday, November 8th at the beginning of class. It must include your proposed research question and explain why your selected topic is of sociological relevance and importance. Furthermore, you must provide a bibliography of five academic sources and a brief description (1 or 2 sentences) of how each reference relates to your research question (3 pages maximum). All submitted written work must be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12-point font. Late submissions not excused in advance will be penalized (-10% per day).
The research paper instruction (This part is just for your reference, but it’s also important, since the proposal is for this research paper.)
: must be approximately 10 double-spaced pages long. The paper can explore any issue related to global sociology. You may choose a topic discussed in class; however, your paper must go beyond the class lectures and readings. The papers should be based upon a clear research question and provide evidence to support your argument. Arguments are best backed up by secondary sources; that is, academic books and articles.
The topic I thought I might use for my research paper is: Are exploited workers in developing countries such as Bangladeshi better off today with globalization than they were in their traditional way of life? (might need to be rephrased..)
But if you think that its not a good topic, and can come up with a better one, that is okay too. As long as you follow all instructions and can get me a good grade for this proposal.(and also the topic needs to be good for the research paper I’ll be working on later too, they’ll be the same topic.)
Topics in Class:
Course Schedule WEEK 1 (September 13th): INTRODUCTION – Cohen, Robin and Paul Kennedy (2012). Global Sociology (3rd edition), Palgrave Macmillan. (Introduction pp.1-8 only, Chapter 1 pp.15-30 and Chapter 2 pp.31-48).
WEEK 2 (September 20th): GLOBALIZATION – Robertson, Roland and Kathleen White (2007). “What is Globalization?,” pp. 54-66 in The Blackwell Companion to Globalization, ed. George Ritzer, Blackwell Publishing. – Guillen, Mario (2001). “Is Globalization Civilizing, Destructive or Feeble? A Critique of Five Key Debates in the Social Science Literature.” Annual Review of Sociology, 27: 235-260.
WEEK 3 (September 27th): CRITICS OF GLOBALIZATION – Petras, James and Henry Veltmeyer (2001). Globalization Unmasked: Imperialism in the 21st Century. Zed Books. Chapters 1-3 (pp.11-73).
WEEK 4 (October 4th): THEORIES OF GLOBAL SOCIOLOGY – Robinson, William I. (2007). “Theories of Globalization,” pp. 125-143 in The Blackwell Companion to Globalization, ed. George Ritzer, Blackwell Publishing. – Robertson, Roland (1995). “Glocalization: Time-Space and Homogeneity-Heterogeneity,” pp. 25-44 in Global Modernities, eds. Mike Featherstone, Scott Lash and Roland Robertson, Sage Publications. – Watson, James (2012). “McDonald’s in Hong Kong,” pp. 114-122 in The Globalization Reader, eds. Frank Lechner and John Boli. Wiley-Blackwell.
WEEK 5 (October 11th): THE GLOBAL CONVERGENCE DEBATE – Demont-Heinrich, Christof. (2011). “Cultural Imperialism versus Globalization of Culture: Riding the Structure-Agency Dialectic in Global Communication and Media Studies.” Sociology Compass, 5 (8): 666- 678. – Meyer, John, John Boli, George Thomas and Francisco Ramirez (1997). “World Society and the NationState.” American Journal of Sociology, 103: 144-181. – Weiss, Linda (1997). “Globalization and the Myth of the Powerless State.” New Left Review, 225: 3-27.
WEEK 6 (October 18th ): GLOBALIZATION AND THE WELFARE STATE – Swank, Duane (2005). “Globalisation, domestic politics, and welfare state retrenchment in capitalist democracies.” Social Policy and Society, 4(2): 183-195. – Glenn, John (2009). “Welfare Spending in an Era of Globalization: The North-South Divide.” International Relations, 23 (1): 27-50.
WEEK 7 (October 25th): MIDTERM EXAM WEEK 8 (November 1st): TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL MOVEMENTS – Smith, Jackie (2001). “Globalizing Resistance: The Battle of Seattle and the Future of Social Movements.” Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 6 (1): 1-19. – Evans, Peter (2005). “Counterhegemonic Globalization: Transnational Social Movements in the Contemporary Global Political Economy,” pp. 655-670 in The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization, eds. Janoski, Alford, Hicks, and Schwartz, Cambridge University Press. 4
WEEK 9 (November 8th): COLONIALISM AND ITS LEGACIES – PAPER PROPOSAL DUE – Abernethy, David (2000). “Legacies,” pp. 363-386 in The Dynamics of Global Dominance: European Overseas Empires, 1415-1980. Yale University Press. – Lange, Matthew and Andrew Dawson (2009). “Dividing and Ruling the World? A Statistical Test of the Effects of Colonialism on Postcolonial Civil Violence.” Social Forces 88 (2): 785-817.
WEEK 10 (November 15th): GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES OF DEVELOPMENT – Wade, Robert (2004). “Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality?” World Development, 32(4): 567-589. – Babb, Sarah (2005). “The Social Consequences of Structural Adjustment: Recent Evidence and Current Debates.” Annual Review of Sociology, 31: 199-222.
WEEK 11 (November 22nd): DEMOCRATIZATION – Huntington, Samuel (1997). “After 20 years: The Future of the Third Wave.” Journal of Democracy, 8 (4): 3-12. – Robinson, William I. (1996). “Globalization, the World-System, and ‘Democracy Promotion’ in U.S. Foreign Policy.” Theory and Society, 25 (5): 615-665.
WEEK 12 (November 29th): THE ENVIRONMENT/CONCLUSION – Ponting, Clive (1991) “The Lessons of Easter Island,” pp.1-7 in A Green History of the World: The Environment and Collapse of Great Civilizations. Peguin Books. – Jorgenson, Andrew and Brett Clark (2012). “Are the Economy and the Environment Decoupling? A Comparative International Study, 1960-2005.” American Journal of Sociology, 118: 1-44. – Urry, John (2008). “Climate Change, Travel and Complex Futures.”

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