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You have been asked to write a report to the board of Crompton & Smythe detailing the...

You have been asked to write a report to the board of Crompton & Smythe detailing the requirements for the successful transition of the three expatriates to their roles in the organisation in Germany. It is essential that you make theoretical references and include sources using Harvard referencing. (Do not use Wikipedia). 1. Critically analyse and evaluate the employee relations strategy that the organisation could establish for the German operation and subsequent expansion into other countries? (Include and reflect on high, low and medium behaviours/ societies; possible merger, acquisition, joint venture) 2. Assess the cultural differences and similarities that the three expatriates may face in Germany? 3. Identify the training and development required for the expatriates to fit in with their new colleagues?(emotional intelligence) 4. Assess and describe the pay and benefits package that could be offered to the expatriates? 5. Analyse and explain the arrangements the organisation would need to make for the three staff for their successful repatriation to the UK?

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International comparative Human Resource Management HRMM060 Assignment 1 Module Tutor: Phil Bowen International and comparative Human Resource Management (HRMM060) Assignment 2 This assignment requires you to provide a 3,000 word report reflecting upon the case study. The full assignment brief is shown below together with the criteria against which the assignment will be assessed. The assignment submission date: 22nd May 2014 This date is not negotiable and no extensions will be given. If you are unable to submit your assignment by the required date you must make an application through the university’s mitigating circumstances policy. Details of the mitigating circumstance policy can be found in the student code at  HYPERLINK "" You should submit your assignment electronically through the Turnitin facility on the NILE site. Marks will be posted on NILE. Please note your tutor is however unable to read or make comments on drafts of assignments or resubmitted assignments. Remember to keep a copy of your assignment. Assignment brief This assignment is based on the case study of Crompton and Smythe Ltd. You should read and analyse the case study material and fully answer the assignment brief. In doing so, you should draw on academic literature sources and research evidence to support your analysis and proposals. Avoid over-reliance on web-based sources of information. Background to organisation Crompton & Smythe is a Northampton company specialising in the production of handmade shoes and leather products. Founded as a family enterprise in the 1930s, the company has expanded over the decades and now employs about 150 people at its Northampton headquarters. Traditionally, the company has only exported its products from Northampton but Crompton & Smythe has now decided to purchase manufacturing plants in...



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