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Home / Questions / Which of the following topics would LEAST likely be addressed in an employee handbook? A)

Which of the following topics would LEAST likely be addressed in an employee handbook? A)

Which of the following topics would LEAST likely be addressed in an employee handbook?

A) Drug-testing procedures

B) Family leave policies

C) Safety rules

D) Pay ranges

37) Which of the following is a problem associated with employee handbooks?

A) Employee handbooks can serve as implied contracts between employers and employees and limit an employer's ability to discharge employees.

B) The use of employee handbooks usually increases the amount of litigation brought against employers by disgruntled former employees.

C) Employee handbooks become out of date nearly every month, which is costly and time consuming.

D) Small businesses and family-owned businesses fail to benefit from employee handbooks.

38) Nepotism is the practice of:

A) making information available to decision makers.

B) favoring relatives over others in the workplace.

C) communicating through nonverbal means.

D) dating and marrying co-workers.

39) Chrystal is VP of a small computer business. Chrystal's son Todd and another employee, Lacy, were both considered for a management position. Though Lacy had better credentials, Todd was hired at the insistence of his mother. This is an example of:

A) downward communication.

B) information dissemination.

C) nepotism.

D) fratricide.

40) Family business provides its own unique set of challenges to human resource management, especially in dealing with nepotism. The best way to lessen non-family employees' concerns over nepotism is to have the family member:

A) earn a broad general education that would make them eligible for any job.

B) start in a high level position with minimal contact with employees.

C) begin in a job made especially for him or her.

D) work outside of the family business first.

41) Memos are most appropriate for conveying:

A) employee health goals.

B) team performance data.

C) vacation policy changes.

D) corporate stock performance.

42) HR is most likely to be responsible for which of the following means of corporate communication?

A) Company memos

B) Company newsletter

C) Company financial report

D) Company bulletin board

43) Which of the following is intended to keep employees up-to-date on important events and provide inspirational stories about employee and team contributions to the firm?

A) Employee handbook

B) Managerial memo

C) Company financial report

D) Company newsletter

44) Ray wants to gather input from all operations managers at the firm. The managers are located in four different states. Ray needs a low-cost way to bring them together and permit immediate interaction. Ray's best choice would be:

A) voice mail.

B) e-mail.

C) teleconferencing.

D) social networking.

45) Teleconferencing is best described as:

A) an inexpensive option for most start-up companies.

B) an audio-only communication channel.

C) readily available electronic communication.

D) an audio-visual communication channel.

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