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Which of the following statements is true about social stratification

Which of the following statements is true about social stratification?  

A. The most rigid system of social stratification is a class system.

B. Individuals are born into a particular social stratum.

C. It is not possible for people to move between social strata.

D. Britain is an example of a society where the caste system is predominant even today.

E. Individuals born into a stratum toward the bottom of the social hierarchy tend to have better life chances.

63.A _____ system is a closed system of stratification in which social position is determined by the family into which a person is born, and change in that position is usually not possible during an individual's lifetime.  

A. caste

B. merit

C. class

D. economic

E. bureaucratic

64.Mountland Republic follows a system of social stratification that allows for flexibility in terms of social mobility. In this system of open stratification the status of a person is solely determined by his or her own socioeconomic achievements. Mountland Republic is most likely to be following a _____ system of social stratification.  

A. caste

B. class

C. religious

D. grade

E. bureaucratic

65.Although the number of societies with caste systems diminished rapidly during the twentieth century, one partial example still remains in:  

A. Japan.

B. the United States.

C. India.

D. Britain.

E. Germany.

66.In a country called Burnada, the citizens are restricted from moving out of the strata they are born into. Also, individuals are allowed to engage only in the occupation associated with their particular strata. The system of social stratification being practiced in Burnada can be identified as a: 

A. cluster system.

B. caste system.

C. merit-based system.

D. class system.

E. bureaucracy-based system.

67.A _____ system is a form of open stratification in which the position a person has by birth can be changed through his or her own achievements or luck.  

A. class

B. caste

C. rank

D. grade

E. merit

68.Which of the following statements is true about the class system in the United States when compared to the British class system?  

A. The class system in the United States is more pronounced than in Britain.

B. In the United States, upward social mobility cannot normally be achieved in one generation.

C. Class membership in the United States is mainly determined by an individual's background and schooling.

D. In American society, the extreme emphasis on individualism increase the impact of class background on business operations.

E. Successful individuals from humble origins are highly respected in American society.

69._____ refers to a condition where people tend to perceive themselves in terms of their class background, and this shapes their relationships with members of other classes.  

A. Social mobility

B. Class consciousness

C. Cross-culture literacy

D. Social awareness

E. Class representativeness

70.In the Republic of Cedia, people are extremely conscious about their social backgrounds. This in turn regulates their relationships with members of other classes. As a result of the heightened class consciousness:  

A. the mobility between the social classes of the Cedian society will increase.

B. the level of industrial disruption and industrial disputes will be low.

C. most of the population will perceive itself to be middle class.

D. an antagonistic relationship will exist between management and labor classes.

E. successful individuals, irrespective of their origins, will be highly respected.

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