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Which of the following is most likely to be an implication of the global financial crisis

Which of the following is most likely to be an implication of the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, and the recession that followed?  

A. Increase in deregulation

B. Widespread acceptance of western political ideology

C. Retrenchment from free markets and democracy

D. Decrease in the popularity of command economies and totalitarian dictatorships

E. Abolition of the legal system that protects property rights

92.Many commentators have blamed the problems that led to global financial crisis of 2008–2009, and the recession that followed on:  

A. a lack of free markets.

B. a lack of regulation.

C. the political ideologies followed in the Asian countries.

D. a strong presence of command economies.

E. a lack of privatization and liberalization.

93.Which of the following statements is true about the global changes in political and economic systems?  

A. The West lost the Cold War, and East European communist ideology is now widespread.

B. A lack of deregulation has been the cause for the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, and the recession that followed.

C. It is guaranteed that democracy will thrive in most of the world’s newer democratic states.

D. The multipolar world dominated by a number of civilizations of the Cold War era has vanished, and is now being replaced by a bipolar world.

E. Many of the undeveloped and impoverished national markets of eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia are potentially enormous for international business.

94.The _____ of the Cold War era has vanished.  

A. multipolar world

B. democratic system

C. free market system

D. bipolar world

E. widespread belief in the Western ideology

95.The United Nation of Amberia, a Western European country, fought on the winning side of the Cold War. Which of the following was most likely being propagated by the country by participating in the Cold War?  

A. Strong business regulations

B. Communist ideologies

C. Command economies

D. Totalitarian dictatorships

E. Free markets

96.Countries with _____ are more likely to attain high and sustained economic growth rates and are thus a more attractive location for international business.  

A. weak protection of property rights

B. democratic regimes

C. command-based economic policies

D. ideologies that differ from Western ideologies

E. totalitarian dictatorships

97.Although China and India are very large markets when measured by number of consumers, their _____ makes them a relatively small market when measured in economic terms.  

A. orientation toward democracy

B. small share in the world output

C. high living standards

D. limited purchasing power

E. commitment to a free market system

98._____ are primarily the advantages that accrue to early entrants into a market.  

A. Early bird advantages

B. First-mover advantages

C. Prime-mover advantages

D. Competitive advantages

E. First person advantages

99.In economic terms, the long-run monetary benefits of doing business in a country are most likely to be a function of the:  

A. gender ratio of the country.

B. latitudinal and the longitudinal location of the country.

C. natural resources available in the country.

D. present wealth (purchasing power) of consumers of the country.

E. political history of the country.

100.Capricorn Creative Inc., a U.S. based advertising firm, was the first in the advertising industry to identify the growth potential of Brazil and to make huge investments in it's economy. As a result, the firm was able to build brand loyalty and gain experience in that country’s business practices. In the language of business strategy, Capricorn Creative has typically benefited from:  

A. a first-mover advantage.

B. forward integration.

C. unrelated differentiation.

D. lateral diversification.

E. technology transfer.

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