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Which of the following is an example of using performance management to fulfill an

Which of the following is an example of using performance management to fulfill an administrative purpose? 

A.Define the results, behaviors, and, to some extent, employee characteristics that are necessary.


B.Develop employees who are effective at their jobs.


C.Use performance appraisal to make decisions such as pay raises, promotions, retention-termination, layoffs, and recognition of individual performance.


D.Identify employees' strengths and weaknesses, link employees to appropriate training and development activities.


E.Confront employees with their performance weaknesses.



32.As the CEO of Blue Corp., George makes it a point to meet new hires at all levels of his organization. He explains the goals of the company and emphasizes on the importance of an individual employee's role in the larger picture. This initiative of George focuses on the _____ of performance management. 

A.strategic purpose


B.administrative purpose


C.developmental purpose


D.statistical purpose


E.validity purpose



33._____ is the extent to which the performance management system elicits job performance that is consistent with an organization's strategy, goals, and culture. 







D.Strategic congruence





34.Globo Analytics Inc., a data analysis company, has modified its performance management system. Apart from training employees on their specific tasks, the trainers and managers help the employees become more aware of the overall goals of the company and how their individual performances influence the broader goals of the company. As a result of this, employees' performances have become more consistent with the organization's strategies, goals, and culture. This initiative of Globo focused on the _____ criterion of performance management. 



B.strategic congruence




E.risk avoidance



35.Prometheus Corp. is a large-scale manufacturer of consumer electronic gadgets. As part of its performance management system, Prometheus measures the amount each employee contributes to the profits of the company, and they are either held accountable or rewarded based on their contributions. With regard to performance measurement, under which of the following terms would contribution to profits be categorized? 

A.Key risk indicators (KRIs)


B.Critical success factors (CSFs)


C.Non-performing assets (NPAs)


D.Key performance indicators (KPIs)


E.Behavioral Observation Scales (BOSs)



36.Which performance management evaluation criterion reflects the extent to which a performance measure assesses all the relevant—and only the relevant—aspects of performance? 



B.Strategic congruence









37.Whittaker Publishing Corp. is a publishing company that wants to hire more technical experts to handle the software requirements in the publishing process. However, the test given to the programmers assesses not only their technical knowledge, but also their communication skills, language abilities, and understanding of client services. The test conducted by Whittaker Publishing Corp. is _____. 

A.high on reliability


B.low on strategic congruence


C.high on specificity


D.high on acceptability


E.low on validity



38.A performance measure is said to be contaminated when: does not measure all aspects of performance. evaluates irrelevant aspects of performance. is a subjective supervisory measure of job performance. is not reliable over time.


E.the overlap between actual job performance and the measure of job performance is maximized.



39.A software company assesses its developers more on their client support skills rather than their development skills. Which of the following terms would best describe the software company's performance management process? 












40.Elle Inc. is a firm that holds frequent reviews and feedback sessions for its employees. It demands that the same person should review the employees of a team to ensure that the performance evaluation is consistent; tests—retests are conducted periodically to make sure the evaluation is consistent. These two steps taken by Elle focus on the _____ of performance management. 



B.strategic congruence







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