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Which of the following is a motivator, according to Herzberg

Which of the following is a motivator, according to Herzberg?

A) Relationships within the company

B) A positive working atmosphere

C) Recognition for accomplishments

D) Salary and benefits

49) The work adjustment theory suggests that employee motivation depends on the:

A) essential job characteristics.

B) external and internal environments.

C) relationship between the employee and the manager.

D) fit between employee needs and the job characteristics.

50) Which of the following is a true statement based on the work adjustment theory?

A) Clear, specific, and challenging goals motivate employees to perform at high levels.

B) All employees are motivated and challenged by hygiene and maintenance factors.

C) Employee motivation depends on personal needs and job characteristics.

D) All employees want to be involved in the decision-making process.

51) Which of the following suggests that employee motivation depends on the fit between personal abilities and job requirements?

A) Work adjustment theory

B) Goal-setting theory

C) Two-factor theory

D) Job characteristics theory

52) The goal-setting theory of motivation suggests that employee satisfaction and motivation are functions of:

A) company policies and the relationships formed with co-workers.

B) clear, direct goals over which the employee has control.

C) employee abilities, goals, and job characteristics.

D) the core characteristics of the job.

53) According to goal-setting theory, employees are most motivated when goals are:

A) broad and flexible.

B) relatively easy to attain.

C) specific and challenging.

D) closely linked to compensation.

54) According to job characteristics theory, jobs with certain core characteristics are more likely to:

A) motivate and satisfy employees

B) encourage employee creativity.

C) enhance employee job security.

D) dissatisfy employees.

55) Which of the following is a core job characteristic that activates the three psychological states, according to job characteristics theory?

A) Interdependence

B) Skill variety

C) Responsibility

D) Task difficulty


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