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Where would you not find an autonomic ganglion

Where would you not find an autonomic ganglion?

A) in the head

B) in the cervical region

C) in the armpit

D) alongside the vertebral column

72) Cardiovascular effects of the sympathetic division include all of the following except

A) constriction of most blood vessels.

B) dilation of the vessels serving the skeletal muscles.

C) increase in heart rate and force.

D) dilation of the blood vessels serving the skin and digestive viscera.


73) Over 90% of all preganglionic parasympathetic fibers are in cranial nerve


B) V.


D) X.


74) Control of temperature, of autonomic nervous reflexes, of hunger, and of sleep are functions associated with the

A) medulla.

B) cerebellum.

C) hypothalamus.

D) thalamus.


75) This organ contains modified sympathetic postganglionic neurons that lack nerve processes.

A) adrenal medulla

B) collateral ganglia

C) stellate ganglion

D) sympathetic chain ganglia


76) Visceral pain results from all the following except

A) cutting of an organ.

B) chemical irritation of an organ.

C) excessive stretch of an organ.

D) inflammation of an organ.


77) What is the effect of parasympathetic stimulation of respiratory bronchioles in the lungs?

A) constriction

B) dilation

C) decreased secretion of mucus

D) no effect

78) Which of the following disorders of the sympathetic division does not involve a problem with blood vessels?

A) mass reflex reaction

B) congenital megacolon

C) Raynaud's disease

D) hypertension

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