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When conducting exploratory concept testing for her firm new Internet anti-piracy so

When conducting exploratory concept testing for her firm's new Internet anti-piracy software, Dee knows the most important question is


A.how long it will take to bring the software to market.

B.whether respondents would purchase the software if it becomes available.

C.who will determine the price to be charged.

D.where the product should be sold.

E.which computer trade show will be used to introduce the product.

72.Kristina created a virtual prototype of her new line of swimwear on a website to show to consumers. Kristina will ask consumers what they think of the clothing, but the most important question is


A.what retailers she should use to sell the swimwear.

B.whether they would purchase the swimwear if it becomes available.

C.what wholesale price should be charged.

D.what promotional plan will work best.

E.in which season she should introduce the product.

73.If a new product concept gets positive evaluations from potential customers during concept testing, the next step for a firm is


A.market testing.

B.product development.


D.reverse engineering.

E.launching the product.

74.Before the development of computer-assisted design software, many firms handcrafted __________, wooden or clay models that served as rough physical representations of a new product.


A.premarket tests




E.designer models

75.Barbara is using a test model of her firm's new inline skates to see whether they work according to the design specifications. Barbara is involved in


A.test marketing.

B.product launch.

C.alpha testing.

D.product development.

E.concept testing.

76.Before Segway manufactured its two-wheeled people movers, it built a prototype and had staff engineers test it for performance and stability. At this stage, Segway was involved in


A.alpha testing.

B.product launch.

C.test marketing.

D.beta testing.

E.concept testing.

77.When testing new products, most firms consider the question of whether testing products on animals


A.should always be done in the animal's natural environment.

B.should be done outside of the United States to avoid consumer backlash.

C.should be done when the new product does not contribute to the health and well-being of human users.

D.should be done only by companies large enough to be ethically responsible.

E.should be done with animal activists present.

78.Golf ball manufacturers use Iron Mike, a machine that swings a golf club at a constant velocity, to test the distance for new golf ball designs. When using Iron Mike, the manufacturers are engaged in


A.concept testing.

B.market testing.

C.premarket tests.

D.product development.

E.alpha testing.

79.One reason auto companies spend millions on racing cars is that they offer the opportunity to test new designs and technology under extreme conditions. Car racing provides an opportunity for



B.beta testing.

C.test marketing.

D.alpha testing.

E.concept testing.

80.Lorraine belongs to a national consumer panel created by a market research company. She regularly receives samples of new products from a variety of firms and fills out questionnaires about the products. The national consumer panel Lorraine is part of is engaged in


A.premarket testing.

B.product launch.

C.test marketing.

D.product development.

E.concept testing.

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