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Home / Questions / When applying for a job as a history instructor at local college, Catherine was required t

When applying for a job as a history instructor at local college, Catherine was required t

When applying for a job as a history instructor at local college, Catherine was required to teach a class of sophomores on a history topic of her choosing. This is an example of a sample.

b.situational judgment test.

c.behavioral interview.

d.realistic job preview..

43.An "in basket" test is an example of a/an ____ test.


b.psychomotor sample

d.physical ability

44.A/an ____ is a selection and development device composed of a series of evaluative exercises and tests in which candidates are evaluated by a panel of trained raters. potential evaluation

b.assessment center

c.multi-faceted selection process simulation

45.Each of the following is one of the Big Five personality characteristics EXCEPT



c.emotional stability.

d.openness to experience.

46.The Employee Polygraph Protection Act

a.prohibits polygraph use for pre-employment screening purposes by most employers.

b.prohibits private sector employers from using polygraph tests under any circumstances.

c.prohibits government agencies from using polygraph tests except in circumstances where national security is involved.

d.permits the use of polygraphs, but only when administered by a trained expert.

47.Which of the following statements is FALSE?

a.Intelligence tests, such as the Wonderlic, must be justified as testing job-related cognitive abilities.

b.Although integrity tests are somewhat fakable, personality tests are not because there are not clearly socially desirable answers.

c.The Big Five personality traits can predict future work performance in different occupations.

d.Personality is a unique blend of individual characteristics that affects how a person interacts with/his her work environment.

48.Maxster, Inc., has a long-standing problem with theft from its warehouses. The director of HR is considering how she can identify applicants who are honest. All of the following are possible steps the director can take EXCEPT

a.give polygraph tests after conditional job offers are made, since Maxster has legal “cause” because of its history of employee theft.

b.ask the applicants if they have been convicted of felonies.

c.have a background checking firm investigate applicants’ backgrounds after a conditional job offer is made.

d.have all applicants take an honesty test after warning them that faking can be detected and will eliminate them from consideration for employment.

49.The purpose of a/an ____ is to obtain additional information on a candidate and to clarify information gathered throughout the selection process.

a.personality test

b.application form

c.selection interview

d.reference check

50.Amanda, a recruiter for Maxster, Inc., is looking over the file for an interesting candidate for a managerial position. Although the applicant has listed an MBA from a reputable school on his application (which Amanda has verified), he has scored poorly on tests of written and verbal communication. Moreover, the applicant gives his former job title as team leader (which Amanda has verified), but his MMPI test shows he is low on agreeableness and is an introvert.  Otherwise, the applicant is highly promising.  How should Amanda resolve these discrepancies?

a.Amanda should have the candidate’s background investigated by a detective.

b.Amanda should give the candidate an honesty test to see if he is fabricating his capabilities.

c.Amanda should engage the applicant in an in-depth interview.

d.Amanda should have the applicant take additional personality and ability tests.

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