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What is the primary reason that managers resist using the positive discipline process? A)

What is the primary reason that managers resist using the positive discipline process?

A) The time frame is too short to alter employee behavior.

B) Most discipline is for gross misconduct.

C) Employees cannot be terminated.

D) Employees receive paid time off.

103) Positive discipline advocates assert that a paid day off is effective for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

A) reducing worker apathy and anger.

B) rewarding the employee's performance.

C) showing management's good faith to the worker.

D) minimizing the employee's perception as a martyr.

104) Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A) Employees prefer positive discipline because it promotes respect from supervisors.

B) Positive discipline has reduced absenteeism and grievances at some firms.

C) Supervisors who dislike disciplinary tasks prefer progressive discipline.

D) Positive discipline is more time-consuming than progressive discipline.

105) One of the drawbacks of positive discipline is that it:

A) requires more paperwork than progressive discipline does.

B) opens the company to inconsistency in discipline.

C) requires more time than progressive discipline.

D) offers very little legal protection to companies.

106) An employee's challenge of a manager's disciplinary action will most likely raise questions about:

A) residual rights.

B) due process.

C) positive discipline.

D) arbitration.

107) Which of the following is a basic standard of discipline?

A) Peer review of the disciplinary action

B) Documentation of the facts leading to the disciplinary action

C) Complete review of all discipline by the next level of management

D) Individual cases being handled on their own merits even if inconsistency occurs

108) Which of the following is the best example of the hot-stove rule?

A) Ella has been leaving work early for the past week and plans on continuing this action since no supervisor has approached her about it.

B) Tanya was disciplined for Web-surfing on business time. A couple of weeks later, Ashton received the same discipline for the same reason.

C) Aaron does not tell his employees what actions will be disciplined, nor what kind of discipline may be anticipated.

D) Charlie received a two-day paid suspension for using sick days to lengthen his vacation. Dave did the same thing and received a verbal warning.

109) A court would most likely find a discipline decision as arbitrary or unwarranted in which of the following situations?

A) Management provided substantial evidence of guilt.

B) An employee's absolute right to privacy was violated.

C) Circumstances fit within guidelines of employment-at-will.

D) Management failed to notify the employee of a rule violation.

110) Which of the following is most likely true about appealing a disciplinary decision?

A) Supervisors should prevent employees from appealing discipline in order to protect themselves from wrongful discharge charges.

B) Managers should not inform employees of their rights to appeal, but simply allow employees to search them out if the need arises.

C) Employees should have to go through a complex appeal process in order to cull out weak appeals.

D) Open-door policies and employee relations representatives facilitate quick resolutions.

111) The standard for measuring the appropriateness of discharges that involve statutory rights is called:

A) the just-cause standard of discipline.

B) due process in wrongful discharge.

C) employment-at-will.

D) progressive discipline.

112) Which of the following should be avoided when administering discipline?

A) Showing too much self-control when talking to the employee

B) Addressing the problem directly rather than indirectly

C) Letting employees rationalize their problem behavior

D) Using two-way communication

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