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True or False

1.The Culture At Work vignette “Avon Anybody?” demonstrates how the incentives that a Western company like Avon typically uses are ineffective in other countries.

2.Most motivation theories in use today originated in the US.

3.Content theories of motivation focus on identifying the factors that cause people to put effort into their work.

4.One of the best-known process theories of motivation is Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory.

5.The actual motivating effect of Maslow’s two higher-order needs could be expected to be less, or even irrelevant, in collectivist-oriented cultures.

6.Maslow’s security needs level could be expected to take on additional motivating power in cultures where uncertainty avoidance is low.

7.The study of security and social needs of managers in Libya was consistent with what Maslow’s theory would have predicted.

8.Unlike Maslow’s theory, Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation has provoked little interest among managers outside of the United States.

9.In societies with cultural scores similar to those of the US, especially in regard to high individualism and low power distance, job enrichment consistently increases job satisfaction and motivation.

10.McClelland’s Theory of Motivation is based on the assumption that what motivates people is what they have learned to regard as motivating.

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