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Think about and organise the layout of the table of contents so that it reflects the order and...

Think about and organise the layout of the table of contents so that it reflects the order and structure of the report. Make sure that the numbering system you use in the table of contents is the same as that used in the report, and that it is not too complex. Introduction The introduction explains to the reader in more detail some or all of the following points: ? Background/rationale for undertaking the study and writing the report ? the assumptions which were made in the study ? definitions of relevant terms used in the report ? the scope of the investigation, i.e. what is covered and what is not ? the theories which form the context for this study (often included in a separate literature review section) ? Identify all of the tasks/elements of the relocation Literature review The literature review is a critical review of published literature that is relevant to your specific study. How many texts you include in your literature review depends on the word length and time frame for your assignment. You are required to identify and analyse any potential HR issues that are likely to arise from the relocation for example. Consider the potential and real costs of relocating as part of your literature. Discussion and analysis The discussion section is a very important part of your report and presents an interpretation of your results. Typically, you might include: ? support (or otherwise) that the results provide for the hypotheses ? comparison of your results with other investigations and/or literature ? factors which may have influenced your results, e.g. design problems ? implications of the results. The results section presents a factual outline of what was found in the study. Summary data are generally presented in the form of tables or graphs, which must have titles. It is important that you do not leave it to the reader to interpret your analysis. Explanations of tables and figures must be included, e.g.'Table 3 shows the proportion of first year students who attended Open Day'. You should identify the significance of the discussion. Conclusion The conclusion is a summary of your study - its overall purpose, the steps in the process, its overall findings. This should lead to the recommendations, if your report requires these. Recommendations If the purpose of the report is to suggest actions that should be taken, these recommendations should be listed here, usually numbered in a logical sequence. Produce a schedule for all 10 staff approached to relocate (this could be in the appendices and referred to in your discussion). References In this section list all of the references referred to in the report. Check your unit guide and use the referencing system recommended. Appendices The appendices section is where to place extra information, raw data, etc. Such information is removed from the main body of the report so that it does not interrupt the flow of the report.



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