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The main reason for organizations to be interested in the differences among the various ge

The main reason for organizations to be interested in the differences among the various generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, etc.) is to understand _______________.

a.       the diverse needs for medical benefits among these groups

b.       the differences in the psychological contracts each of these groups hold about employment

c.       the variation in pay expectations between older and younger employees, and how to balance this with variations in productivity among the generations

d.       the fact that Generation X and Y have such poor educations and work ethics in comparison to Baby Boomers that productivity declines once the proportion of Baby Boomers in the organization is less than half



3.               is a positive emotional state resulting from evaluating one's job experiences.

a.       Organizational commitment

b.       Employee engagement

c.       Employee loyalty

d.       Job satisfaction



4.The degree to which employees believe in and accept organizational goals and desire to remain with the organization is referred to as _______________.

a.       organizational commitment

b.       employee loyalty

c.       job satisfaction

d.       motivation


5.Ability, effort level expended, and organizational support are the three factors in the equation for _______________.

a.       organizational efficiency

b.       individual performance

c.       organizational effectiveness

d.       individual motivation



6.              is the desire within a person causing that person to act, and is a goal-directed drive.

a.       Motivation

b.       Loyalty

c.       Precept

d.       Attitude



7.Companies are being forced to study reasons why employees remain and leave organizations primarily because _______________.

  1. absenteeism trends are increasing
  2. there are fewer qualified and productive people in the workforce, and the higher performers are more in demand
  3. employees are less loyal today than they used to be
  4. they have control over whether employees choose to leave the organization



8.Which of the following statements is not a myth on retaining employees?

  1. If solid performers want to leave, the company cannot hold them.
  2. Money is the main reason people leave.
  3. Hiring has nothing to do with retention.
  4. Employers should be concerned about retention even in a layoff situation.



9.The pattern of shared values and beliefs of a workforce is a definition of _______________.

a.       organizational culture

b.       organizational commitment

c.       organizational ethics

d.       organizational norms





10.One of the common themes found in the “100 Best Companies to Work For” is that they treat their employees _______________.

  1. the same in both good times and bad
  2. fairly in both good times and bad
  3. well in both good times and bad
  4. even better during bad times than they treated them during good times

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