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The family life course development framework emphasizes

The family life course development framework emphasizes

a.how families change over time.

b.alternative family forms.

c.generational patterns in family dynamics.

d.the comparative study of families across cultures.

22.Which theoretical framework is concerned with transitions and tasks?

a.family life course development

b.social exchange

c.symbolic interaction


23.The _________ framework looks at mate selection/interaction in terms of profit and loss.

a.symbolic interaction



d.social exchange

24.Which theoretical framework views the family as an institution to stabilize society?



c.family system

d.symbolic interaction

25.This theoretical framework looks at how marriage is beneficial to the society.


b.symbolic interaction

c.social organization


26.Which of the following is NOT one of the identified functions of the family?

a.physical care

b.regulation of sexual behavior

c.status placement

d.acceptance of diversity

27.Conflict theorists regard conflict as

a.bad for families.

b.necessary to stop before escalation begins.

c.destructive for children as well as adults.

d.natural, normal, necessary for change and growth.

28.The self-fulfilling prophecy is part of the __________ framework.

a.family systems

b.family development/family life cycle


d.symbolic interaction

29.According to the “looking-glass self,” children who are often criticized by their parents

a.make poor grades.

b.develop negative self-concepts.

c.improve themselves in order to gain parental approval.

d.have high expectations of a mate.

30.Which of the following is NOT part of the symbolic interaction framework?

a.definition of the situation

b.mating gradient

c.looking glass self

d.self-fulfilling prophecy

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