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The demographic composition of the workforce affects HR planning in all the following ways

The demographic composition of the workforce affects HR planning in all the following ways EXCEPT affects the specific capabilities and skills of the workforce.

b.makes it less likely that U.S. firms will need to outsource jobs internationally. increases the need for work/life balancing as a retention tool. affects policies on retaining employees who are past retirement age.

12.A comprehensive analysis of all current jobs in the organization can answer all of the following questions EXCEPT

a.What is the external labor market for each job?

b.How many individuals are performing each job?

c.What are the reporting relationships of the jobs?

d.How essential is each current job?

13.The information in the employee skills inventory data bank

a.should be posted on the company’s intranet to assist career planning.

b.should be available only to those who have a specific use for it.

c.can include information that is not directly job-related. most useful in its measurement of the workforce’s soft skills.

14.Vincent, the vice president of HR, is studying the profile of the organization’s workforce. Vincent’s employer is a utility company and essentially provides life-time employment for workers, and the turnover rate is very low. Vincent’s eye is caught by a troubling aspect of the profile, and he says to himself, “This must be the result of the 7-year hiring freeze we had back in the 1980s,” and the low-level of hiring through the 1990s. Vincent has probably noticed

a.statistical outliers that should not affect Vincent’s HR planning decision. organizational profile heavily weighted toward employees with low seniority levels.

c.a lack of young female and minority employees.

d.a potential shortage of experienced employees as older workers retire.

15.According to the textbook, when managers are responsible for entering and updating employee information in skills databases,

a.they tend to minimize the skills of subordinates who they consider threats to their own advancement.

b.they tend to exaggerate their subordinates’ proficiency levels in order to appear to be more competent leaders.

c.they may minimize the skills of their most productive subordinates for fear the subordinates may be transferred.

d.the accuracy and completeness of the data is inadequate because of strict privacy regulations over individual employee data.

16.Which of the following types of data should be included in an inventory of employee skills and capabilities?

a.employee tenure in each job

b.marital status and willingness to relocate

c.working relationships within the organization and training levels

17.Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding forecasting methods?

a.Subjective judgment has no place in modern HR forecasting which depends entirely on hard, objective data.

b.Statistical regression analysis is a well-established judgmental method for forecasting.

c.Forecasting is a combination of quantitative methods and subjective judgment.

d.Complex computer simulations are able to project HR supply and demand accurately over the long-range, but short-run projections are more error-prone.

18.If an HR manager wished to estimate indirect labor, such as the number of compensation and benefits employees per 1,000 production workers, he/she would

a.use a statistical regression analysis.

b.calculate a productivity ratio.

c.convene a nominal group.

d.calculate a staffing ratio.

19.The Wickham County Hospital is the only full-service hospital providing care in Wickham County. The population of Wickham Country has been increasing by 10 percent a year the last two years, and projections are that the population will grow even more rapidly in the next ten years. To serve the increased need, next year the hospital will open a new wing doubling the number of beds in the hospital. The HR planning for next year must include all of the following EXCEPT

a.analysis of the current employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities.

b.predicting the qualifications employees will need for the additional jobs.

c.predicting the number of new employees needed in each job to staff the new wing. best to balance “churn,” which brings in new talent to the hospital, versus retention of experienced employees.

20.Which of the following organizational events would NOT affect HR planning?

a.revisions of the state’s licensing requirements for key professional jobs in the organization.

b.technological changes in the manufacturing process.

c.changing the IT software used by the company.

d.opening a branch office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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