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The action of a hormone on a target cell involves effects on

The action of a hormone on a target cell involves effects on

A) receptor proteins.

B) nonreceptor proteins.

C) lipids.

D) receptor and nonreceptor proteins.

E) receptor proteins and lipids.

2) The endocrine gland that is a modified sympathetic ganglion is the

A) thyroid.

B) anterior pituitary.

C) posterior pituitary.

D) adrenal cortex.

E) adrenal medulla.

3) All of the hormones secreted by the adrenal gland play a major role in growth and metabolism.

A) True

B) False

4) Cholesterol is a precursor for the synthesis of

A) progesterone.

B) aldosterone.

C) estradiol.

D) calcitonin.

E) progesterone, aldosterone, and estradiol.

5) Crossover effects are sometimes seen among

A) most hormones.

B) all hormones.

C) peptide/protein hormones.

D) steroid hormones.

6) The precursor chemical for ACTH synthesis is



C) beta-endorphin.



7) The adrenal medulla produces

A) androgens.

B) glucocorticoids.

C) mineralocorticoids.

D) catecholamines.

E) corticosteroids.

8) Which of the following could describe the function of 11 Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase?

A) An enzyme located in renal tubules that acts on cortisol .

B) It converts cortisol to a less active form.

C) It aids in preventing crossover effects from cortisol.

D) It converts cortisol to a form with a lower specificity for mineralocorticoid receptors there.

E) All of these answers are correct.

9) Cortisol secretion peaks between ________ and ________.

A) early morning, noon

B) midnight, early morning

C) noon, early evening

D) early evening, midnight

10) CRH stimulates the release of


B) cortisol.



E) None of these answers are correct.

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