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The ability to do an entire unit of work from start to finish contributes to the worker’s

The ability to do an entire unit of work from start to finish contributes to the worker’s ____ the job.

a.knowledge of results of

b.experienced meaningfulness of

c.experienced responsibility for

d.sense of autonomy over

32.“The reason I love my work,” remarked a nanny for two pre-school boys, “is that I am able to make sure they get the best start in life possible as regarding affection, nutrition, and intellectual stimulation. They enter kindergarten as really well-adjusted children.” This nanny feels her job has high


c.task significance.

d.task identity.

33.Megan has been working with her supervisor on the Filbert’s Fast Foods account for six months. Yesterday, Megan’s boss told her that she is capable of handling the Filbert’s Fast Foods account on her own from now on, but she can come to him for advice at any time. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

a.Megan will be able to use a greater variety of skills at her work now.

b.Megan’s job has more significance.

c.Megan’s job will provide her more feedback than before.

d.Megan’s job now allows her more autonomy.

34.Which of the following is NOT a form of feedback as a job characteristic?

a.a customer complains to a sales representative that the equipment purchased was not as specified information technology specialist sees that his employer’s stock price went down over the last quarter

c.a dog owner who compliments the job the groomer has done on her Cocker Spaniel

d.blank student faces as a professor lectures on plate tectonics

35.Amanda is responding to a job advertisement that describes the company’s employees as “crew members.” This company probably uses teams.

b.project-based work design.

c.virtual employees.

d.individual productivity bonuses.

36.An organizational team formed to address specific problems, improve work processes, and enhance product and service quality, is called a

a.task force.

b.special-purpose team.

c.standing committee.

d.self-directed work team.

37.The ____ is composed of individuals who are assigned a cluster of tasks, duties, and responsibilities to be accomplished. This is the regular entity for the internal decision making process of the firm.

a.special-purpose team

b.quality circle

c.self-directed work teams

d.strategic work groups.

38.The team leader of a self-directed team is in reality a/an





39.All of the following are typical advantages of diverse work teams EXCEPT

a.increased employee learning.

b.reduction in co-worker conflict.

c.higher levels of task-relevant knowledge.

d.more employee involvement.

40.Which of the following HR policies would be LEAST effective in reducing environmental effects and energy costs created by the organizations?

a.telecommuting. virtual work teams.


d.compressed work week

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