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Home / Questions / The _____ margin is calculated as the number of units sold times the contribution margin.

The _____ margin is calculated as the number of units sold times the contribution margin.

The _____ margin is calculated as the number of units sold times the contribution margin. 

A.holding cost






D.fixed cost


E.overhead rate



32._____ refers to what is left after a firm pays its variable costs and fixed costs. 

A.Contribution margin


B.Overhead cost






E.Holding cost



33.A _____ workforce describes the former workers to whom a firm still owes financial obligations. 












34.Jonathan retired from a large multinational automobile company last year. He receives health care benefits as well as a pension from the company. At present, Jonathan falls under the category of a _____. 

A.contingent workforce


B.legacy workforce


C.temporary workforce


D.consultant workforce


E.contract workforce



35._____ is a process that primarily addresses the competitive challenges an organization faces. 

A.Operational management


B.Transactional management


C.Management by objectives


D.Process mapping


E.Strategic management



36.When an organization develops integrated manufacturing systems such as advanced manufacturing technology and just-in-time inventory control, it needs to assess the employee skills required to run these systems and train them accordingly. These assessments and training programs intended to enable an organization to achieve its goals fall under: 

A.strategic human resource management.


B.the job characteristics model.


C.diversity management.


D.the employee stock ownership plan.


E.participative management.



37.During _____, the strategic planning groups decide on a strategic direction by defining the company's mission and goals, its external opportunities and threats, and its internal strengths and weaknesses. 

A.strategy implementation


B.task design


C.selection and training


D.strategy formulation


E.strategy evaluation



38.Pluto Inc., a large manufacturer of desktops and laptops, has decided to enhance revenues by expanding its product line. It has identified the tablet market as a possible market to expand, and has identified Compco Inc. as a potential competitor. Pluto Inc. is currently in the _____ stage of the strategic management process. 

A.strategy formulation


B.strategy evaluation


C.strategy execution


D.strategy consultation


E.strategy implementation



39.Saturn Inc. is a large manufacturer of footwear and accessories. It has always lagged behind its closest competitor Hexagon Inc. It plans to overtake Hexagon by leveraging its strength in women's footwear and entering markets in the Mid-West that it had traditionally ignored. Saturn Inc. is in the _____ phase. 

A.strategy implementation


B.strategy formulation


C.administrative linking


D.selecting and training


E.task designing



40.During the strategic implementation stage of the strategic management process, an organization: 

A.decides on a strategic direction.


B.defines its mission and goals.


C.establishes external opportunities and threats.


D.ensures that it has skilled employees in place.


E.determines its internal strengths and weaknesses.

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