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The Family and Medical Leave Act requires that eligible employees be permitted to take lea

The Family and Medical Leave Act requires that eligible employees be permitted to take leave for each of the following except:

a.caring for a brother or sister with a serious health condition.

b.adoption of a child.

c.caring for a parent with a serious health condition.

d.serious health condition of the employee.

102.The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, requires that employers allow eligible employees to take a total of ____ during any ____ period.

a.12 weeks’ paid leave; month

b.24 weeks’ paid leave; 24-month

c.12 weeks' unpaid leave; month

d.24 weeks' unpaid leave; 24-month

103.The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) defines a ____ as one requiring in-patient, hospital, hospice, or residential medical care or continuing physician care.

a.medical leave event

b.serious health condition threatening illness

d.covered health-related event

104.The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 provides that

a.employees must be able to return to their former job following the leave.

b.the FMLA leave “clock” begins after all vacation and personal days have been used.

c.the leave must be taken as one week block. benefits must be continued during the leave at the same level and conditions.

105.Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding FMLA.

a.Employees without families who are required to pick up the slack for employees taking family leave can be resentful.

b.Employers often do not understand FMLA requirements.

c.Employees caring for a family member who is an injured veteran are eligible for 26 weeks leave.

d.Fitness-for-duty tests are illegal for employees returning from FMLA leave for personal medical conditions.

106.Which of the following is NOT a typical offering of a company child-care benefit?

a.providing paid family leave.

b.sick-child programs jointly offered with hospitals

c.after-school programs, jointly offered with a school system

d.subsidized day care

107.____ is the generic term for programs providing employees with assistance in caring for aged relatives.

a.Elder care

b.Family security

c.Care-giver respite

d.A hospice program

108.When promoting family-friendly benefits to top management, the director of HR’s most accurate argument for their effectiveness is in

a.recruiting top quality candidates.

b.aiding employee retention.

c.increasing productivity of employees with families.

d.reducing the number of complaints, grievances, and lawsuits by employees with families.

109.George, the director of HR, is writing the “Affidavit of Spousal Equivalence” that non-traditional couples will need to sign in order to receive domestic partner benefits. George will require the couples to make all the following affirmations EXCEPT

a.each is the other’s only spousal equivalent.

b.they are not blood relatives.

c.that their relationship is permanent.

d.the are living together and jointly share responsibility for their common welfare and financial obligations.

110.A typical abuse-control measure to keep employees from taking excessive time off around holidays is to

a.require employees to work the first and last scheduled workdays around the holiday.

b.allow only employees with significant seniority (e.g., five years) to combine holidays with vacation days to extend the employees’ time off. employees time-and-a-half for working the days immediately following and preceding a holiday.

d.allow employees to “bank” holidays and take the days off at less busy times of year.

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