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Supervisors who can constructively communicate negative feedback to subordinates is critic

Supervisors who can constructively communicate negative feedback to subordinates is critical to an effective performance appraisal system.

32.At the present time, WilburAviation has an effective performance appraisal system in place for its employees. It does not train hourly employees who are promoted to supervisor because they have been through many appraisal cycles themselves and have internalized the company’s process. This is an acceptable practice because managers and supervisors tend to “repeat the past” and evaluate their subordinates as they have been evaluated.

33.The primacy effect occurs when a rater gives greater weight to events that have happened in the near past when appraising an individual's performance.

34.The practical effect of the halo and horns effect is that the rater makes generalizations about the subordinate based on only one aspect of their job performance.

35.Tasha, a Boston native, is the director of benefits for a large manufacturing firm in the Northeast. Tasha has given Walt a below-average performance appraisal because she feels Walt’s languid Alabama drawl indicates he is not very bright. In this case, the director has committed the different-from-me rating error.

36.Since the data pertinent to the employee’s performance has been collected and evaluated before the performance appraisal interview is held, it is too late at that point to correct misunderstandings and mistakes.

37.If the performance appraisal system in an organization is properly designed and administered, it will not be a stressful experience for either managers or their subordinates.

38.For negative feedback in a performance appraisal to cause a subordinate to change his/her behavior, it is necessary for an action plan to be devised, with or without the subordinate’s input.

39.At the end of a negative performance appraisal interview, it is essential that both the manager and the subordinate agree in all areas of the review, otherwise a true “meeting of the minds” has not occurred and the employee will not change his or her behavior.

40.A performance management system can be effective even if organizational employees do not generally regard it as fair.

41.“Performance calibration” refers to the statistical calculations involved in developing a forced ranking system based on a bell-shaped curve.

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