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Statements that describe both desirable and undesirable employee behaviors on a numerical

Statements that describe both desirable and undesirable employee behaviors on a numerical scale are called

a.critical incidents.

b.categorical descriptions

c.MBO targets


72.What is the first step in constructing behavioral scales?

a.determining a "standard of excellence" for each job dimension

b.identifying the most important performance factors in an employee's job description

c.assessing the performance of the current job holder(s)

d.specifying the performance goals that each employee must meet within stated time deadlines.

73.Comparative methods of rating

a.are most acceptable to employees when they are applied to administrative decisions rather than to developmental decisions.

b.can either be statistically-based (such as forced distribution) or simply rankings of each employee against his/her co-workers.

c.are useful for small groups because the results can be statistically adjusted for small numbers.

d.are preferred by managers because the results are easy to explain to subordinates.

74.Karl handles the HR duties in a small commercial bakery of only 16 employees. Nine of these employees are bakery assistants with the same job duties. Karl has decided to make a list of the bakery assistants placing the best employee at the top and the worst employee at the bottom, with the other bakery assistants placed in between according to how they compare with the best and the worst employees. He is fairly satisfied that this system will work for his small company. Karl is using the ____ system.


b.graphic rating scale


d.forced distribution

75.Cheryl, a branch manager at Prairie Ridge Bank, is upset that all the tellers in the various branches will be evaluated by the ranking system. The tellers’ raises will be determined by their ranking, and the worst-ranked teller in each branch will be terminated. Cheryl has many concerns about using the ranking method, and she has an appointment with the executive vice president of HR to present her arguments. All of the following are concerns she will raise EXCEPT

a.the size of the difference in performance among individuals is not defined in the ranking method.

b.Cheryl’s worst performing employee may be better than another branch manager’s average performing employee.

c.It will be too difficult for Cheryl to distinguish between her best and worst performers.

d.There are 17 branches and the ranking system will be too unwieldy to use for so many groups.

76.Neil, the director of HR for a paper mill, has found that the supervisors in the company give very generous and lenient appraisals to their subordinates, and it is difficult to determine from these appraisals which employees deserve pay raises more than others. Neil has decided to implement a ____ approach to performance appraisal to address this problem.

a.graphic rating scale

c.forced distribution

d.peer evaluation

77.The assumption that the performance of employees in a department correspond to the classic “bell shaped curve” is essential to the ____ method of performance appraisal.


b.forced distribution

c.critical incident


78.Of the following performance appraisal systems, the ones most likely to be the subject of a discrimination lawsuit is/are

a.the forced distribution system. based on critical incidents. using behaviorally-anchored rating scales. using numerical measures of performance.

79.You are the director of HR for a medium-sized regional utility company. Your CEO attended a speech by Jack Welch, and now she wants to implement his “differentiation” performance appraisal system in the company. This system is similar to ranking and forced distribution. You have some concerns about the appropriateness this system because

a.this system works best in unionized workplaces and your company is nonunion.

b.this system can be applied to managerial jobs, but not to non-managerial jobs.

c.the performance measures in this system tend to be both contaminated and deficient.

d.forced distribution systems have been subjects of discrimination lawsuits.

80.All of the following are recommendations for making a performance appraisal system more effective and more defensible legally EXCEPT

a.the use of specific, objective criteria and standards.

b.involve employees in planning and designing the program.

c.train managers and review their ratings to ensure favoritism is not involved.

d.use multisource methods of performance appraisal.

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