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Sometimes, people with autism who develop language

Sometimes, people with autism who develop language

a.              are reflective in their responses.c.have a diverse speaking repertoire.

b.              use rapid and emotional speech to interpret contextual factors.

12. Stan's teachers are concerned because many of the characteristics of autism that he displays are not conducive to successful inclusion in a general education classroom. They would like to target specific areas for his instructional program that will increase his capacity for success in an inclusive setting. What would you recommend they focus on?

a.              Unique skillsc.Rituals and routines

b.              Communication skillsd.All of the above

13. Intense adherence to routines or excessive resistance to change could refer to an individual who

a.              does not like the furniture to be arranged in the same manner for extended time periods.

b.              pays attention to the exact route they take when driving to school.

c.              likes to try different clothing ensembles.

d.              hates to carry change and prefers dollar bills.

14. Lonnie's teacher reports that he is constantly flicking his hands in front of his face and rocking in his chair. This is an example of

a.              self-determination.c.adaptive behavior.

b.              maladaptive behavior.d.self-stimulation.

15. Self-stimulation is a behavior associated with autism. Which statement best describes this characteristic?

a.              Self-stimulation consistently appears in people with autism.

b.              Self-stimulatory behavior only appears in individuals with autism who are lower functioning.

c.              Self-stimulation can become self-injurious.

d.              Self-stimulation keeps individuals with autism busy and out of trouble.

16. Jimmy, a student with autism, can instantly perform complex math calculations in his head, including the multiplication of seven digit numbers. The following can be said about this splinter skill:

a.              It is not unusual as most people with autism have savant type splinter skills.

b.              It is not unusual as most people with autism have strong math skills.

c.              It is unusual as most people with autism do not have savant-type splinter skills.

d.              It is unusual as most people with autism have savant-type language skills.

17. The school performance of students with ASD may be described as

a.              uneven within and between skill areas.c.focused on general concepts.

b.              consistent.d.static.

18. The psychodynamic theory implicates _____ as causal factors in autism.

a.              geneticsc.human interactions

b.              dietd.neurological imbalances

19. The American Psychiatric Association estimates place the prevalence of autism at about _____ per _____.

a.              twenty-two cases; 10,000c.ten to fourteen cases; 1,000

b.              three to four cases; 1,000d.five cases; 100,000

20. The ratio of males to females with autism is as high as

a.              10 to 2.c.2 to 1.

b.              4 to 1.d.10 to 1.

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