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Home / Questions / See case study “Individual Assignment The Renovation” Answer all questions relating to the case..

See case study “Individual Assignment The Renovation” Answer all questions relating to the case..

See case study “Individual Assignment The Renovation”


Answer all questions relating to the case study in essay style.


1. What is the ethical dilemma facing Mr Owen in the case? What are the ethical issues involved? Consider this from the perspective of all the stakeholders involved. (approx. 400 words)


2. Explore whether Mr Owen is acting in an ethical manner based on the ethical frameworks and principles studied (pure theories, hybrid theories, CSR approaches) (approx. 700 words)

3. Based on the above considerations, how would you handle the situation Mr Owen is facing? State and support your academic position of what you would do in his place. (approx. 700 words

Document Preview:

Individual assignment, Term 4, 2014 “The renovation” case study Ethical Business Management (BUS305) Ethical Decision-Making in Business The renovation John Owen is the owner and General Manager of the Beach View Hotel. This 300- bedroom hotel was built in the late 1980s and overlooks a white, sandy beach. In recent years, the hotel has built an excellent reputation with its guests. The Beach View Hotel enjoys 89% occupancy year round. The best time for business is during summer when occupancy reaches 100%. For the last few years, Mr. Owen had been considering a major renovation to the property, but he continually postponed the project for different reasons. Last week, while he was in a meeting with his executive team discussing final preparations for the summer season, the Housekeeping Director (Mrs Smithson) told him that a number of rooms on the fifth floor were flooded because of a roof leak. Mrs Smithson reminded Mr Owen that during previous meetings she had told him of the stifling smell in some of the rooms on the fifth floor and that guests had also complained several times. The Director of Engineering (Mr. Landsman) spoke up immediately. He stated that according to previous roof inspections, the recommendation was that the hotel needed a new roof. Mr Owen acknowledged that he had been told about the roof in earlier meetings but he wanted to wait until after the busy summer season so as not to disturb the guests. He further stated that it would not be an easy task, and that the workers and equipment in the hotel would definitely disturb the guests. However, shortly after the meeting, Mr. Owen did start calling a few roofing companies to get estimates. The prices varied greatly, but each company agreed that it would take approximately 6-8 weeks to get the job done. The hotel advertisements all stated “a peaceful and quiet location on the beach”. Mr Owen...



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