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Retailers focusing on increasing sales to their best customers are attempting to A.sla

Retailers focusing on increasing sales to their best customers are attempting to


A.slay the category killers.

B.compete with off-price retailers.

C.drive their supply chain.

D.increase their share of wallet.

E.combat the inroads made by big-box specialty retailers.

92.Jordan directs her salespeople to increase their share of wallet. Jordan is directing her salespeople to


A.focus on increasing sales to their best customers.

B.focus on male consumers and not female consumers.

C.sell more store brands and fewer private-label products.

D.become multichannel salespeople.

E.expand retailing elasticity.

93.For brick-and-mortar retailers, when making decisions regarding place, a key ingredient to success is


A.product placement promotion.

B.convenient locations.

C.private-label merchandise.

D.off-price placement.

E.customer relationship management.

94.As the old cliché claims, the three most important things in retailing are


A.size, location, and convenience.

B.price, promotion, and place.

C.location, location, and location.

D.price, price, price.

E.before, during, and after the sale.

95.Because many consumers choose stores based on proximity to their workplaces or homes, great locations are


A.difficult to define.

B.more important than great products.

C.always situated near supply chain members.

D.a competitive advantage that few rivals can duplicate.

E.almost always locations next to big box discounters.

96.Benefits of the traditional retail store as a channel includes the ability to


A.provide personalized and meaningful product information.

B.offer a greater selection of products.

C.offer an expanded market presence for all consumers.

D.efficiently collect information about how consumers shop for a particular product.

E.quickly compare prices across multiple channels.

97.One advantage of a retail store that is NOT shared with an Internet channel is


A.providing meaningful product information.

B.offering a greater selection of products.

C.accepting cash payments.

D.collecting information about how consumers shop.

E.price matching competitors.

98.Janelle is shopping for a unique outfit for a benefit dinner dance. She wants it to sparkle and shine, but still feel light, silky, and comfortable. For the highest satisfaction, Janelle likely should


A.shop via catalog.

B.shop in traditional retail stores.

C.start browsing the Internet.

D.use M-commerce.

E.price match multiple competitors.

99.Although it is relatively easy to offer customers Internet options like a FAQ page and an e-mail address to answer questions, some companies are using an interactive approach to address customers' questions while they are visiting the websites. These firms are using ___________ to provide the customer with enhanced customer service.


A.vendor-managed inventory

B.web videos

C.online chats


E.online games

100.Andy purchased a number of books from Amazon.com, and he learned to trust the recommendations made to him. More than once he was pleasantly surprised at the books and authors he discovered this way. In this case, Amazon.com was creating value for Andy through


A.repeat business.

B.rapid delivery.

C.expanded market presence.

D.personalized offerings.

E.interactive offerings.

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