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Organizational Structure from an IT Perspective

Organizational Structure from an IT Perspective, choose a department of your current or past work place to discuss organization structure and the role of Information Technology. An alternate is to choose a department of an anticipated or local workplace. Compose ten paragraphs that address the following items (one per paragraph). If you see similarities or differences with our reading, explain them.
Most likely, you will research online for some of the answers. Be sure to cite the ideas of others as practiced.

1.Explain the department you have chosen. This includes the name, mission, and goals of the department.
2.Which functional area of the five explained in the reading does your department best fit into? Explain the functional area's mission and goals. If the functional area is not IT Systems, describe how IT Systems supports the functional area.
3.Specifically describe how the department's responsibilities help the functional area meet its missions and goals.
4.Specifically describe the organization. This includes the name, mission and goals of the organization.
5.Explore the organizational structure to determine the chain of command. Optional: If you find an organization chart, share it along with your composition (an attachment of the chart is okay). Note that the optional organization chart has no effect on the grade for your posts.
6.What kind of structure does the organization use to group employees and resources?
7.How can this structure promote the organization's business model? What are some disadvantages? Would another structure be more appropriate?
8.Do you think this organization has the right number of levels in its hierarchy? How centralized or decentralized is authority in this organization?
9.How does the organization coordinate its functions or divisions? For example, does it have extensive rules and procedures? Does it use cross-functional teams? Describe its approach.
10.Relate your research paper topic to the Organization Structure. Specify your research paper topic and the functional area(s) affected by your issue (problem). Which functional area and department is responsible to know, solve, or implement the solution?

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