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Once you have your ad you’ll want to take notes addressing the following items a the source of who paid for the

Once you have your ad, you’ll want to take notes addressing the following items:
a. the source of (who paid for) the ad
b. the original venue of the ad (what magazine or website, location of billboard, etc.)
c. who the target audience is (consider, for example, the source of the ad)
d. what the ad is “selling.” This can be a product, idea, position, etc.
e. describe what you see in the ad – including placement and size of images and text, colors used
f. what bias is portrayed in / by ad
g. which techniques (pathos, logos, ethos) are employed in the ad
h. include your views, opinions, position, etc., regarding items c through g.
Additional tips for your paper include:
a. it should be 3 pages long, double-spaced, and typed (not handwritten).
b. your ad must be attached to your paper but will not count towards the page requirement (it will be a / the fourth page).
c. if you prefer to think in terms of word count, your goal is 1,000 words. You will need a minimum of 800 words in order to get a grade of “C” or better.
d. follow MLA guidelines – 1″ margins on all four sides; 11 – 12 size appropriate font, black ink on white paper, size 8.5 x 11″, a staple in the upper left-hand corner, numbers in the upper right-hand corner, and use only one side of the page (no double-siding).
e. don’t use a cover page.
f. no extra white space between lines or paragraphs
g. the paper you turn in should reflect your best work.
h. more than 3 typos, misspellings, fragments, run-ons (any combination, not 3 of each) will result in a grade deduction.
i. include the word count at the end of your paper.

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