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Why am I getting so many pop-up ads??!!?

Ok so it can't be a virus, I do daily quick scans on Windows Defender and weekly full scans, I looked through all my programs, and I always make updates on Windows Defender. I only have internet explorer as I have 2 gig's ram and not much memory left. There are always ads on my screen and when I click on something a lot of the time a new window pops up saying that my computer may have a virus and sometimes it even says that I have to call this number and starts talking and I have to restart my computer because it won't let me exit. How do I stop this and what's wrong? P.S it asks me to install things like adobe flash that I already have but it's from another website and it tries to install. I' mostly just on Walmart, target, home depot, face book, yahoo answers, Netflix and making google searches.

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Answer (Solved)

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