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How to know if my Mac has a virus?

Ok so I was watching p*rn and when I was done I closed my window and I got a strange message that said "your computer has been infected with a virus" or something like that. (I don't really remember what it said exactly but it was something similar to that) In case your wondering, I didn't click on any adds or download anything. Now I'm really worried because my parents use my laptop for banking and ordering stuff. On a bunch of forums it says that these virus's could be feeding some hacker personal information and I'm really worried. I was using Firefox and usually when I click on these types of websites (p*rn) I sometimes get a pop up from Firefox saying warning this site may contain material that will damage your computer and stuff like that so I just leave the page, but this wasn't the case this time. Also under my files I had 2 unnamed files with some odd looking yellow and black symbol next to them. I couldn't click on them but I right clicked on them and removed them from my files. I'm still worried and I was wondering what I could do to ensure that my laptop is safe such as any free malware detectors i could download. Also my friend told me that I can't any virus from just viewing websites, is this true? Thanks in advanced.

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Answer (Solved)

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