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Home / Questions / Often, advertisers will employ a variety of media to deliver their message. When using dif

Often, advertisers will employ a variety of media to deliver their message. When using dif

Often, advertisers will employ a variety of media to deliver their message. When using different media, advertisers need to deliver


A.value-based posttesting.

B.niche media emotional appeals to the mass market.

C.a consistent and compelling message.

D.selective, continuous pulsing.

E.mild puffery.

92.Regina just bought a gourmet bagel store. She is working with a freelance graphic artist who is designing her logo and print advertisements. Regina is spending days looking over the various designs and color options. She needs to remember that the creative aspect of advertising design everything.

B.will determine pretesting and posttesting options.

C.dictates tracking alternatives.

D.should not overshadow the message.

E.should always include coupons.

93.The execution style of an advertising message must


A.match the medium and the objectives.

B.correspond with globally accepted norms.

C.include a minimum of puffery and maximum media buy.

D.selectively pull retailers into the marketing channel.

E.cover new creative ground to be effective.

94.Brad is working on the creative design for his company's new ad campaign. This is his first major assignment. His boss reminds him that when writing a headline, it should


A.represent the main text of the ad.

B.identify the sponsor of the ad.

C.use jargon and complex terminology.

D.overshadow the visual message. short and use simple words.

95.Jennifer has worked for many years reviewing and approving print ads for her firm. She has memorized a checklist of key points to review. Which of the following would NOT be on her checklist?



B.body copy

C.brand elements credits


96.The major text portion of a print advertisement that should arouse a desire for the product and move the consumer to action is contained in the



B.body copy.

C.brand elements. credits.


97.The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is assessed during the campaign by







98.Marketers __________ an advertising campaign to ensure that various elements of the campaign will work in an integrated fashion and do what they are intended to do.







99.Jami is managing an extended advertising campaign for a local convenience store chain. The campaign includes a series of television, radio, and print messages. As part of monitoring the campaign, Jami will keep track of


A.the cost of the media buy.

B.past economic conditions.

C.planned store expansions in similar markets. advertising concepts.

E.the daily and weekly sales volume.

100.Thomas had conducted a thorough pretest before the new ad campaign, so he was fairly sure the elements would work together. A lot was riding on the success of the ad campaign, so he couldn't wait until the campaign was over to see how well it did. During the campaign, he will be monitoring the sales volumes on a daily basis as part of his


A.cause-related marketing.

B.economic monitoring.

C.tracking. testing.

E.simultaneous sampling.

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