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MRR=ATCFs(year t+1)+ATCF0(year t+1)-ATCFs(year t) ATCFs(year t) A property could be sold today for $2 million. It has a loan balance of $1 million and, if sold, the investor would incur a capital gains tax of $250,000. The investor has determined that if it were sold today, she would earn an IRR of 15% on equity for the past 5 years. If not sold, the property is expected to produce after-tax cash flow of $50,000 over the next year. at the end of the year, the property value is expected to increase to $2.1 million, the loan balance would decrease to $900,000 and the amount of capital gains tax due is expected to increase to $225,000. a. What is the marginal rate of return for keeping the property one additional year? b. What advice would you give the investor?


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