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In the reciprocal relationship, each right of employers and employees comes with a corresp

In the reciprocal relationship, each right of employers and employees comes with a corresponding





3.Carlos works for a large floral company. He is expected to complete 30 flower arrangements per day according to the specifications of each customer order. Each arrangement must contain the correct number, kinds, colors, and qualities of flowers in the required arrangement style. Customer complaints about arrangements directly affect Carlos’ performance appraisal. Carlos has been angry for several months. “I do my best to meet the order specifications, but the company is cutting corners on the flowers. What we receive is half-wilted, too small, or the wrong varieties.” What is happening here?

a.Carlos is not living up to his responsibilities at work.

b.The floral company is not meeting its responsibilities to Carlos.

c.The customers have a responsibility to complain to Carlos’ manager in order to improve the product.

d.Carlos is mistaking his employment relationship as a reciprocal one and not as financial one.

4.If an employee has the right to a safe working environment, the employer has

a.the right for government to enforce those rights, so that all employers in the industry have similar costs. obligation to provide a safe workplace.

c.the right to demand compliance with all necessary rules.

d.the responsibility to compensate the employee for any workplace injury.

5.An employee’s entitlement to a minimum wage is guaranteed by federal law. Consequently, it is a

a.statutory right of the employee.

b.moral obligation of the employer to the employee.

c.contractual obligation of employer to employee.

d.reciprocal relationship of employer and government.

6.Which of the following would NOT typically be included in an employment contract?


b.the names of the parties to the contract

c.the parties’ statutory rights

d.general job duties and expectations

7.Sherlock is a private investigator. He and Megatherium Industries have a formal agreement that he will perform background checks on all applicants for managerial-level positions for one year, for a certain fee and within certain performance guidelines. This agreement gives Sherlock

a.implied obligations.

b.responsibilities without rights.

c.contractual rights.

d.statutory protections.

8.When a major business relocated from Houston, Texas, to Bismark, North Dakota, in order to escape the annual disruption of hurricane season and to take advantage of favorable business taxes, one of the company’s key specialists refused to move. She said her children were enrolled in Houston schools, her husband had a new business that was just beginning to thrive, and that she would not disrupt her family. This employee is essentially irreplaceable.

a.This would be a good time to discuss a generous special employment contract for this individual.

b.The company will have to replace this employee, because “cutting a deal” for her will make other employees in the company resentful that they have to disrupt their own lives, but she doesn’t.

c.The employer can consider the employee’s refusal to move as “constructive quitting” and sue her for damages to her current projects.

d.Call in the company’s legal counsel to see if the employee has an enforceable implied contract to remain with the firm.

9.Traditionally, formal employment contracts were negotiated mainly for

a.executives and senior managers.

b.outside members of the boards of directors.

c.scientific and technical staff. laborers.

10.A pharmaceutical research firm, is concerned that scientific or technical employees may take company formulas or data with them when they quit or are terminated. The firm should include a/an ____ clause in its employment contracts.



c.non-piracy secrets

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