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In terms of pricing decisions full responsibility for pricing decisions should be

In terms of pricing decisions, full responsibility for pricing decisions should be delegated to the managers of various national subsidiaries, thereby reaping the benefits of decentralization. 

32.In terms of pricing strategies, dumping occurs whenever an international firm sells a product for a price that is less than the price charged by domestic producers. 

33.A technological innovation can make established products obsolete overnight. 

34.Dispersing research and development activities to many locations around the world allows a firm to stay close to the center of leading-edge activity to gather scientific and competitive information and to draw on local scientific resources. 

35.Firms can reduce the failure of new-product development by insisting that research and development, marketing, and production functions work independently. 

Multiple Choice Questions

36.Which of the following functions of an international business is required to create new products?  

A. Supply chain

B. Logistics

C. Operations

D. Research and development

E. Customer service

37.Which of the following is true of the marketing and research and development (R&D) departments in an international firm?  

A. Marketing and R&D should always work independently.

B. R&D identifies gaps in a market so that marketing can work to fill those gaps.

C. R&D defines the market's needs for the marketing personnel.

D. Marketing fails to guide R&D whether to produce globally standardized or locally customized products.

E. A major contributor to the success of new-product introductions is a close relationship between marketing and R&D.

38.The _____ refer(s) to choices about product attributes, distribution strategy, communication strategy, and pricing strategy that a firm offers its targeted markets.  

A. market imperfections

B. marketing mix

C. marketing intermediaries

D. marketing objectives

E. marketing plan

39.Which of the following is an element of a firm's marketing mix?  

A. Product attributes

B. Employee management

C. Customer service

D. Population demographics

E. Domestic competition

40.Who among the following asserted in an article in the Harvard Business Review that modern transportation and communications technologies are facilitating a convergence of certain tastes and preferences among consumers in the more advanced countries of the world?  

A. Gary Hamel

B. Theodore Levitt

C. Christopher Bartlett

D. Peter Drucker

E. C.K. Prahalad

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