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If a manufacturer wasnt happy with either intensive or exclusive distribution, a logi

If a manufacturer wasn't happy with either intensive or exclusive distribution, a logical choice, which incorporates some features from both, would be __________ distribution.






43.Full-line discount, category specialist, and specialty stores are all types of __________ retailers.

B.general merchandise

C.price sensitive demand

E.special appeal

44.If a manufacturer had a full range of products, in a number of container sizes, which kind of store would the company be LEAST likely to choose as a retailing partner?


A.conventional supermarket


C.warehouse club

D.convenience stores

E.full-line discount stores

45.Paul's family has owned and operated a small chain of conventional supermarkets for many years. Competition from a variety of other kinds of retailers has adversely affected the business. To address the new competitive reality, Paul wants to apply what he recently learned as a marketing major, and he has recommended that his family's business should


A.emphasize fresh, locally sourced perishables. the broadest possible customer base.

C.eliminate customer frills and extras.

D.offer fewer private label brands.

E.offer more national brand packaged goods and few perishables.

46.Supercenters have become the fastest growing retail category by combining broad assortments of groceries and general merchandise products. __________ dominates this category with the vast majority of supercenters in the United States.







47.Compared to conventional supermarkets, warehouse clubs have


A.a broader assortment of food items.

B.a lower level of service.

C.slightly higher prices. products appealing to small businesses.

E.lower annual fees.

48.Which of the following represents the BEST reason a manufacturer of high-end products might consider selling products in a warehouse club?


A.There are no high-end shopping centers within a 100-mile radius of the warehouse club.

B.The warehouse club has a good reputation.

C.The manufacturer is trying to increase market share.

D.The manufacturer overestimated demand or has a great deal of returned merchandise from other retailers.

E.The warehouse club wants to upgrade its image.

49.__________ are combating competitive pressures by offering fresh food and healthy fast food, tailoring assortments to local markets, opening locations closer to where consumers work and shop, and adding new services.


A.Warehouse clubs


C.Convenience stores

D.Department stores

E.Extreme value retailers

50.Brian, an industrial equipment sales rep, purchases a quick snack to eat on the way to work. He buys lunch while on the road visiting customers and grabs bread and milk on the way home when he stops to buy gas. Brian probably does the majority of this shopping at a


A.convenience store.

B.warehouse club.

C.conventional supermarket.


E.category specialist.

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