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INSTRUCTIONS ON PROJECT 4. Project 4: Finance for Managers Start Here As a senior analyst

Project 4: Finance for Managers
Start Here
As a senior analyst at Maryland Creative Solutions (MCS), you have continued to prove your value after helping Choice Hotels make strategic decisions by analyzing their financial reports. Frank Marinara and Elisa Izuki, continually happy with your work, have decided to transfer you to the finance team. You’re excited to continue working for MCS and you strongly believe you are capable of someday making senior partner.
Dialogue with Frank Marinara
You meet with Frank so he can orient you to the upcoming task. “The finance operations have a slightly different focus than the accounting operations,” he says. “The financial analysis part of our business is more involved with analyzing financing and investment decisions, making corporate asset valuations, evaluating corporate financial performance, and providing corporate valuations.You will be working to complete a project for our Maryland-based client McCormick & Company.”
Given your position as a senior analyst, you are anticipating that Frank will have several separate requests. Frank explains that McCormick & Company is considering expanding their operations by building another factory to increase the production volumes of their spice products. The client has asked MCS to help them determine if this financial investment is worthwhile.
Frank continues by delineating your responsibilities for the project: “To get started, we will need to look at the variables involved in this purchase and the questions McCormick & Company has provided. Ultimately, MCS will help them determine their corporate valuation, responsibly raise capital, and make the right financing and investing decisions. This information will help you determine which financing and investing options would provide McCormick & Company with the best potential outcomes for sustainability and growth.
“You will also need to participate in a meeting with the other finance analysts to discuss risk and returns,” Frank says. This discussion will help the client decide if they should invest in the new factory.
“The client also mentioned they would like MCS to provide them with guidance on retirement plan options and other employee benefits,” Frank elaborates. “Finally, I will need you to complete the project by preparing an executive summary that highlights your recommendations.”
Frank needs all of these tasks done within two weeks and suggests you begin right away. Click Step 1 to get started!

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