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I want to analyze each paragraph

I want to analyze each paragraph

First Virgin actively seeks business proposals from the public via its Web site. “If you have a fantastic idea for us, then were all ears! Were always on the lookout for fresh ideas to improve our current companies and to create brand new ones.”Analysis

Second Virgin is famous for its down-to-earth good value and service, so all new ideas will need to reflect these values. We also have a great sense of fun, and we like to do things just a little bit differently from the rest. The nature of the product or service idea the business sector into which this idea fits the idea or projects current stage of development the proposal submitters involvement in the project as well as the role he /she/ they would like to maintain the reason for approaching Virgin and the anticipated role of Virgin in the project and an assessment of the ventures potential.Analysis

Third that it receives “hundreds of proposals which are often similar to those suggested by others or to ideas which we have developed internally”. While only a few submitted proposals actually move forward in the business development process the ones that are most likely to be successful are already well developed have large scale potential and can be implemented quickly. Analysis

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