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Frank Rainsford has been, in effect, the CEO of Frank’s All-American BarBeQue..

Hi, can I get the answer for the following question? It is based on a case scenario, and I have attach that case in to this question. I need a one and half page length answer and the due date is 2nd of September.
Frank Rainsford has been, in effect, the CEO of Frank’s All-American BarBeQue
since its inception. His major role has been that of restaurant manager, receiving support
from his assistant manager Ed Tobor for the last fourteen years. Frank has two children, a son
and daughter, who both worked in the restaurant as teenagers. His daughter has worked
periodically at the restaurant since she graduated from high school. Frank’s son, who recently
lost his job, has returned to work for his father. The son produced several plans to expand the
business, including the opening of a second restaurant and the extensive use of social media.
After careful consideration, Frank has decided to open a second restaurant, but this has
presented him with a major problem—how to assign responsibilities to personnel. His son
wants to be designated the restaurant manager of the second restaurant and made the vice
president of marketing. Ed Tobor also wants to be the manager of the new restaurant. His
daughter has expressed an interest in being the manager of either restaurant. How should
Frank resolve this problem?

Document Preview:

Business Case Study Analysis – Frank’s All-American BarBeQue Overview Robert Rainsford is a twenty-eight-year-old facing a major turning point in his life. He has found himself unemployed for the first time since he was fifteen years old. Robert holds a BS degree in marketing from the University of Rhode Island. After graduation, a firm that specialized in developing web presences for other companies hired him. He worked for that firm for the last seven years in New York City. Robert rose rapidly through the company’s ranks, eventually becoming one of the firm’s vice presidents. Unfortunately, during the last recession, the firm suffered significant losses and engaged in extensive downsizing, so Robert lost his job. He spent months looking for a comparable position, yet even with an excellent résumé, nothing seemed to be on the horizon. Not wanting to exhaust his savings and finding it impossible to maintain a low-cost residence in New York City, he returned to his hometown in Fairfield, Connecticut, a suburban community not too far from the New York state border. He found a small apartment near his parents. As a stopgap measure, he went back to work with his father, who is the owner of a restaurant—Frank’s All-American BarBeQue. His father, Frank, started the restaurant in 1972. It is a midsize restaurant—with about eighty seats— that Frank has built up into a relatively successful and locally well-known enterprise. The restaurant has been at its present location since the early 1980s. It shares a parking lot with several other stores in the small mall where it is located. The restaurant places an emphasis on featuring the food and had a highly simplified décor, where tables are covered with butcher paper rather than linen tablecloths. Robert’s father has won many awards at regional and national barbecue cook-offs, which is unusual for a business in New England. He has won for both his barbecue food and his sauces. The restaurant has been...



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