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Generally, gifted students are

 Generally, gifted students are

a.              well-adjusted and socially adept.c.emotionally excitable.

b.              socially ineptd.highly sensitive.

12.              Researchers have agreed that

a.              approximately 80 percent of an individual's intellectual development is determined by heredity.

b.              approximately 80 percent of an individual's intellectual development is determined by environment.

c.              intellectual development is determined equally by genetics and environment.

d.              None of the above.

13.              The “Star Model” explains the causes of giftedness as composed of:

a.              nature and nurture.c.general ability, chance, special aptitude, environmental support, and nonintellectual requisites

b.              ability, cognition, physical, psychological, and sensory.d.culture, environment, hereditary, education, and intellect.

14.              Elitist definitions and exclusive approaches to identifying the gifted

a.              are being replaced with more defensible methods of assessment.

b.              are being used with greater frequency.

c.              are being replaced with even more restrictive methods of assessment.

d.              are being supplanted with less accurate criteria and methods of assessment.

15.              The identification process for giftedness is ideally directed at

a.              identifying needs and potentials.c.creating standardized cut-off scores.

b.              giving multiple intelligence tests.d.using several creativity measures.

16.              A number of changes have taken place with regard to the assessment of giftedness. Which of the following statements is accurate?

a.              Multiple sources of information are now used.

b.              Approaches now seek to understand a student’s motivation and imagination.

c.              Information provided by adaptive behavior assessments are sought.

d.              All of the above.

17.              Which of the following statements is true about assessing and identifying gifted students?

a.              Multiple sources of information are collected.

b.              Standard cut-off scores are used.

c.              Identification and labeling of gifted students are essential.

d.              All of the above.

18.              Recommendations for identifying students who are gifted include

a.              teacher nomination.

b.              intelligence and achievement tests.

c.              creativity tests.

d.              all of the above.

19.              Josh is an extremely bright third-grade student who always finishes his work quickly, but accurately. When he has finished, he disturbs his classmates, refuses to stay in his seat, and is quite distracting. Josh's teacher has never considered that he might be a gifted student. This might be true because teachers are more likely to identify students who are _____ as gifted students.

a.              well-manneredc.attractive

b.              cooperatived.Both A and B

20.              Some gifted children are involved in preschool programs that

a.              focus on talent development.

b.              focus on the development of academic skills.

c.              focus on simple problem solving and risk taking.

d.              focus on the development of metacognitive skills.

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