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The Power of Forgiveness & Absolute Acceptance

The Power of Forgiveness & Absolute Acceptance

Forgiveness is one of those words and the deed many people turn away from because of the meaning they give it. Often it is thought of as a religious act. This can be off-putting even for those who call themselves spiritual and even worse for people who have no conscious spiritual beliefs. Prayer can also have some negative connotations attached to it. As we shift our perception we can see that the power of prayer, giving and receiving of forgiveness can radically change lives

How else can we get past the hurts we have cast upon others and those cast upon us? We know we can't change what happened. This means acceptance, doesn't it? And is forgiveness the same as unconditional acceptance?I think so.

Often, the delay in asking for and receiving forgiveness comes when we don't think we deserve to ask or are worthy of being forgiven. I came to realise that, it isn't the problem that's too big to be forgiven, but our worth is too low. As we raise faithwe allow that to become the powerful driver behind the prayer, the words we use become less important and the works become more powerful.

academichelpppc 18-Jan-2020

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