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Financial and Managerial Accounting Text 15th Edition Jan Williams Chapter 21

Case 21.2 - Critical Thinking Cases - Page 957

McFriendly Software recently developed new spreadsheet software, Easy-Calc, which it intends to market by mail through ads in computer magazines. Just prior to introducing Easy-Calc, McFriendly receives an unexpected offer from Jupiter Computer to buy all rights to the software for $10 million cash.
A. Is the $10 million offer "relevant" financial information?
B. Describe McFriendly's opportunity cost if it (1) accepts Jupiter's offer and (2) turns down the offer and markets Easy-Calc itself. Would these opporunity costs be recorded in McFriendly's accounting records? If so, explain the journal entry to record these costs.
C. Briefly describe the extent to which the dollar amounts of the two opportunity costs described in part b are known to management at the time the decision is made to accept or reject Jupiter's offer.
D. Might there be any other opportuntiy costs to consider at the time of the making this decision? If so, explain briefly.

Liam Smith 08-Jun-2018
Answer: (Solved)
Liam Smith
A. The $10 million would be an opportunity cost because it is something they are giving up in order to market and sell their own product B.If they turn down Jupiter's offer then the opportunity cost is the $10 million, however if they accept the off...
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