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Discussion: Prompt Replicating Human Human Interaction (HHI) in HCI

The games industry—the vanguard of development—makes ever-increasing demands for computer capacity, speed, machine intelligence, and video display improvements. One emerging HCI technology in the games industry is the use of special cameras that can record and interpret body movement, allowing the user to control the game action without a joystick or control paddle. HCI applications can also be found in medical research, where interfaces can read and display electrical impulses from the brain, and in security research, where infrared technology is used to monitor body temperature and heart rate from a distance. We need to look at design from all perspectives of the user as well as the designer and the capability to meet the needs of the user realistically. 

This Discussion will allow you to understand the development of HHI replication in HCI.

 (Note: You must support your responses with citations and references.) 

  • Choose one Academic Discipline, one Design Practice, and one Interdisciplinary field of Interaction Design. Define a Conceptual Model. Give an example of a Conceptual Model for the example you chose above. How will your model support the users in the way it is intended to do?Be sure to use the textbook and additional sources as needed to support your response.
    • Provide a definition of Interaction Design as well as a definition of each of your choices and one specific example that highlights one good and one poorly designed aspect. This can be anything you choose as long as you can explain how it relates to Human Computer Interaction. 

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