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Develop a 1â??2-page prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for a chosen organization Note: Developing

Develop a 1–2-page prospectus (a streamlined proposal) for a
chosen organization


Note: Developing a capstone project requires specific steps
that need to be executed in a sequence The assessments in this course are
presented in sequence and must be completed in order


As you know, in this course you are completing a major
capstone project, designed to demonstrate your mastery of all MBA program


Capstone Project Expectations

The capstone project must meet these expectations:


The organization you choose to analyze must meet the
requirements listed below under Choosing an Organization

The scope of effort required should be such that the project
can be planned and completed in six to eight weeks

Assessment Instructions

Before beginning this assessment, complete the following:


Choose an organization for your project The audience of
your capstone project will be the key stakeholders within theorganization
pertaining to the project’s focus If you have not yet chosen an organization
for your project, review Choosing anOrganization in the Context for the
requirements for the chosen organization

Choose a project type Examples of project types are listed
in the Context

Review the Capstone Project Outline in the Course Summary
Keep the program outcomes in mind as you select anorganization and project

For this assessment, develop a prospectus (a streamlined
proposal) for your chosen organization The prospectus is a brief, one-page
overview of what your project will be You will receive feedback on your
prospectus that will reflect on the appropriateness ofyour project in
demonstrating your program outcomes and the feasibility of the project
Complete the following in your prospectus:


Identify your chosen organization

Describe your project’s objectives and scope

Describe how you will demonstrate all MBA program outcomes
in your project

The table provided below is a sample prospectus A template
for this table is linked in the Resources You may use the template provided
and, for your assessment, merely replace the text in the Description column
with your own text Or, if you prefer, you may prepare a document in an
alternative format that addresses all of the entries shown in the table


Sample Prospectus

Element Description

Target Organization R
D Tech, Inc

Brief Project Description I
will research various aspects of R D Tech to determine how we can become more
cost effective in our processes

Access and Data Availability I
am employed by R D Tech and have permission to gather the required data In
the actual case document, the company name will be disguised

Program Outcomes Description

Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding ofbusiness
systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines The case study will cover all
organizational components and functions, including marketing, operations,
finance, and administration It will examine the company’s upstream and
downstream supply chain and the information and materials flows involved

Integrate information across disciplines and from differing
perspectives The case will
examine the interrelationships among thedifferent organizational functions in
light of the challenges thecompany is facing It will present the perspectives
of major points of view, including the marketing, finance, and operations
teams, as well as senior management

Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally
diverse environments The case
will assess issues involved in the company’s investigation of overseas market
prospects, including theestablishment of overseas branches

Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business
decisions The company is
considering a change to its full employment policy, as dairies in its local
two-state area consolidate and it considers expansion abroad The ethical
issues of changing the implied contract with employees will be examined as part
of the case

Estimate expected length My
paper will be approximately 30 pages, double-spaced, not including cover page,
contents, and references It will include at least 10 references My PowerPoint
presentation will include 10–20 slides

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of
errors that detract from the overall message

APA formatting: Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting

Number of resources: None required at this stage

Length of paper: 1–2 typed, double-spaced pages (not
including cover page or references)

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point

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