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Dan Laura and Chuck are preparing a poster presentation for an upcoming business conference

Dan, Laura, and Chuck are preparing a poster presentation for an upcoming business conference. Laura and Chuck have each dedicated over 10 hours to the task. Dan has contributed about 2 hours to the project, but he will receive equal credit with Laura and Chuck for the project's completion. In HR terms, Dan is:

A) a free-rider.

B) experience deficient.

C) a lesser-contributor.

D) negligent.


42) In any group, some individuals put in more effort than others. On occasion, the contribution is markedly less than the average of the rest of the team. The most appropriate term for this is:

A) limited group cohesiveness.

B) the free-riding effect.

C) single-mindedness.

D) job autonomy.


43) Which of the following is the most likely problem of using team-based pay-for-performance plans?

A) Employees' retirement funds are put at risk.

B) Group cohesiveness is severely limited.

C) Intergroup competition causes a performance decline.

D) Managers have difficulty appraising group performance.


44) All of the following are disadvantages associated with team-based pay-for-performance plans EXCEPT:

A) difficulties identifying meaningful groups.

B) diminishing quality goals.

C) the free-riding effect.

D) intergroup competition.

45) Reservation Specialists are able to speed up their turnaround time with customers by suggesting that customers put their questions/complaints in writing. This results in the specialists beating their productivity "numbers," but has buried the correspondence specialists in paperwork, destroying their productivity. This is an example of the team-based compensation plan drawback of:

A) the difficulties of identifying meaningful groups.

B) the social pressure to limit performance.

C) the free-riding effect.

D) intergroup competition.


46) Team-based incentive plans work best when:

A) the goal is encouraging innovation within groups.

B) individual employees are performance-goal oriented.

C) the contributions of individuals can be accurately isolated.

D) cooperation is less important than internal competition.


47) Felix Enterprises has relatively few levels of hierarchy, and the firm's technology lends itself to breaking employees into self-contained groups. The workforce is highly committed and intrinsically motivated by their work. These conditions most likely lend themselves to a:

A) plantwide incentive program.

B) gainsharing incentive program.

C) team-based incentive program.

D) corporate-based incentive program.


48) How does plantwide pay-for-performance work?

A) Employees are rewarded for quality improvements.

B) Employees receive a portion of the firm's cost savings.

C) Employees are divided into teams that receive rewards based on team performance.

D) Employees receive bonuses based on the corporation's stock market performance.

49) ________ is a plantwide pay-for-performance plan which returns a portion of company savings to employees as a lump-sum bonus.

A) Gainsharing

B) A team-based plan

C) A merit increase

D) A profit-sharing plan


50) Which of the following plantwide plans incorporates the ideas of employees, union leaders, and top managers to generate cost-saving ideas?

A) Improshare

B) Rucker plan

C) Scanlon plan

D) McGregor plan

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