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Content theory address the following bottom line requirement for managing employee

Content theory address the following “bottom line” requirement for managing employee motivation

a.        determine the response level

b.         minimize the time lag

c.       use a variable-ratio schedule

d.        apply operant conditioning

e.        implement strategies


12. The operant conditioning process was the center piece of the theory purposed by

a.        Abraham Maslow

b.        Lyman Porter

c.        Victor Vroom

d.       Frederick Taylor

e.        J. Stacey Adams


13. Fewer than ________ percent of the general population achieve self-actualization.

a.       one

b.       three

c.       five

d.       eight

e.        ten


14. In order for a need to serve as a motivator, there must be a

a.         countervailing need

b.         recognition of the need

c.         progressive impact

d.         satisfaction deficit

e.         conceptual awareness


15. The notion of basic needs being satisfied before higher level needs are activated is known as

a.        satisfaction progression

b.        expectation

c.        an assimilation variable

d.        need acceleration

e.        instrumentalism


16. Clayton Alderfer collapsed Maslow’s human needs into just ____ and contends they are active in all human beings.

a.        1

b.        2

c.        3

d.        4

e.        5

17. According to Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman's most of the truly successful and people-oriented organizations go to great lengths to meet the __________ needs of their employees.

a.       security

b.       social

c.       morale

d.       higher order

e.       relevant


18. Alderfer's E.R.G. Theory is one of the better-known ______ theories.

a.        content

b.        process

c.        social

d.        actualization

e.        growth


19. Clayton Alderfer attempted to simplify Maslow's hierarchical model by grouping needs into fewer categories and emphasizing all of the following needs

a.      relatedness

b.       growth

c.        existence

d.        all of the above

e.        none of the above


20. Alderfer's theory is based on the assumption that specific behavior may be the product of

a.        empathetic reactions

b.        heuristic concerns

c.        multiple motivations

d.        situational factors

e.        emotional stability

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