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Approximately what percentage of U S employers have either a policy or a program

Approximately what percentage of U.S. employers have either a policy or a program addressing workplace violence?

A) 10%

B) 30%

C) 50%

D) 70%


42) Chambers Enterprises employs 200 workers in its Florida offices. Louisa, a Chambers employee, was recently assaulted by her husband in a domestic dispute. Which of the following is Chambers required to do?

A) Grant Louisa up to three days to deal with the problem

B) File a complaint in Louisa's name with the police department

C) Temporarily move Louisa to another work station in the building

D) Provide Louisa with an escort to and from the company parking lot


43) Which of the following is LEAST effective when a manager suspects that an employee is involved in domestic violence?

A) Requesting that local law enforcement patrol the workplace

B) Providing closer parking for the abuse victim

C) Having a friend escort the abuse victim to the parking lot

D) Providing the employee time off for extreme cases


44) Which company cited in your text trains its managers in how to spot and respond to domestic violence?

A) Liz Claiborne

B) United Airlines

C) Microsoft

D) United Parcel Service

45) Sabotage is best described as:

A) technology thefts.

B) physical acts of violence.

C) violent acts of retaliation.

D) harmless pranks by co-workers.


46) Which term refers to employing an individual with a history of violent or illegal behavior without conducting a background check or taking proper precautions?

A) Negligent hiring

B) Employee-at-will

C) Abatement

D) Sabotage


47) Carolina, a bank accounts manager, physically attacked a co-worker. The bank had not investigated a gap in Carolina's resume and did not know that Carolina had been convicted in the past of assault and battery. Which of the following is most likely true about this case?

A) The bank cannot be held responsible for Carolina's actions.

B) Carolina can sue the bank for her actions.

C) The bank is guilty of negligent hiring.

D) Carolina is guilty of sabotage.

48) When James was fired by Robertson, Inc., he retaliated by infecting the computer system with a serious virus. James has committed:

A) domestic violence.

B) harassment.

C) cybertheft.

D) sabotage.

49) To reduce the threat of sabotage, a company should most likely do all of the following EXCEPT:

A) discipline employees in front of co-workers.

B) hire quality employees and treat them fairly.

C) offer employees training in conflict management.

D) examine unexplained gaps in job applicants' resumes.


50) Employers can most likely avoid charges of negligent hiring by:

A) requiring honesty tests.

B) using panels of interviewers.

C) conducting background checks.

D) requesting applicant medical records.

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