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Andrew has informed the director of HR that as of next month, he will be Andrea. Andrew’s

Andrew has informed the director of HR that as of next month, he will be Andrea.  Andrew’s co-workers are unaware of the upcoming transformation.  Andrew has been a high-performing employee at company headquarters for the last nine years.  The company specializes in publishing religious materials and an extensive product line for home-schooling.  Which of the following options would be UNWISE for the HR director to take?

a.The HR director should inform Andrew’s manager so that Andrew/Andrea can be transferred from his current client-contact job to another position that does not entail client-contact.

b.The HR director should wish Andrew the best of luck and ask if Andrew has any concerns regarding his employment situation.

c.The HR director should inform Andrew that federal law requires the individual’s birth gender to apply in any sex discrimination case under Title VII.  So, Andrea would be considered male under Title VII.

d.The HR director should investigate whether the locality has a law protecting transgendered persons from employment discrimination.

52.A noted economist is not applying for a position as a professor at a large university even though he is well-qualified for the position.  The economist’s wife is dean of the college of business administration, where the economics department is housed.  The economist is prevented from applying for this job because of the university’s policy on

a.employing non-citizens.  The economist is Icelandic and has a work visa.

b.the hiring of male faculty.  This is a women’s university.

c.affirmative action.  The economist is a white male.

d.nepotism. Jillian would be her husband’s boss.

53.Which of the following is FALSE about workplace romances?

a.Relationships between a supervisor and a subordinate are of more concern than relationships between employees at the same level of hierarchy.

b.Even consensual workplace romances can cause hostile work environments for other employees.

c.It is an illegal invasion of privacy for organizations to have policies banning or regulating relationships between consenting employees.

d.About 40% of workers admit that they have dated co-workers.

54.From the employer’s point of view, a romance between ____________ would be of the most legal concern regarding potential exposure to a sexual harassment charge.  The employer is a large, urban law firm.

a.two partners of the firm of the same sex

b.two paralegals of the opposite sexes, both of whom are married

c.a female attorney and the vendor supplying the legal research software

d.the managing partner (female) and a paralegal (male)

55._____________ occurs when an individual’s work performance or psychological well-being is unreasonably affected by intimidating or offensive working conditions.

a.Hostile environment harassment

b.Bona fide sexual harassment

c.Harassment as perceived by a “reasonable woman”

d.Quid pro quo harassment

56.Quid pro quo harassment occurs when

a.employment outcomes are linked to the victim’s granting the harasser sexual favors.

b.an intimidating or offensive work environment is created.

c.a subordinate voluntarily initiates the offer of sexual favors for the supervisor.

d.the victim cannot perform his/her work well due to the harassment.

57.You are writing the electronic technology usage policy for your small company.  Which of the following behaviors would be LEAST LIKELY to be included as inappropriate use of company email which might make the company vulnerable to allowing an environment to exist that contributes to harassment?

a.forwarding pornography to co-workers

b.forwarding jokes with sexual content to co-workers

c.sending an electronic Valentine to one’s spouse

d.sending love poems to a co-worker who is not the sender’s romantic partner

58.Lakshi, a teller at one of the branch banks, has filed a complaint of sexual harassment with the EEOC alleging that her branch manager made persistent unwelcome sexual advances toward her.  As the newly-hired vice president of HR, you start investigating.  All of the following pieces of information will help you defend the company against Lakshi’s charge EXCEPT

a.Lakshi has not suffered any negative employment action by her branch manager.

b.All branch managers, including Lakshi’s, have been trained in how to avoid sexual harassment.

c.The bank has a current policy against sexual harassment.

d.There have been nine complaints of sexual harassment at the bank in the last two years.  Each was investigated by HR. Seven were found to be baseless.  The harasser was disciplined in the other cases.

59.Kurt, one of the sales representatives, has been sending Susie, another sales representative who he met at a corporate retreat, text messages and emails requesting dates.  This has gone on for about six months.  Susie politely refused at first, and now ignores all of Kurt’s messages.  Now, Kurt is sending Susie poems he has written about her physical attributes.  Susie is dreading the next corporate retreat because Kurt has said he will be waiting for her.  Which of the following statements is TRUE?

a.Unless there is an existing HR policy on inappropriate electronic technology usage, Kurt cannot be disciplined, since “hostile environment” only applies to the physical work environment.

b.Kurt is just a “loser” guilty only of socially-inept behavior.  Susie would be over-reacting to report this to HR, and if she does report this to her manager or HR, she should be told that Kurt is harmless.

c.This is cyber-stalking.  Susie should report Kurt to her manager, and Kurt should be disciplined in accordance with the company’s electronic technology usage policy.

d.This does not rise to the level of cyber-stalking because Kurt has not made any threats against Susie.  If Kurt does make threats, Susie should immediately inform her manager and HR.

60.All of the following actions are critical components of an organization’s ensuring that it has taken “reasonable care”  in preventing sexual harassment.

a.establishing a sexual harassment policy

b.terminating any employee accused of sexual harassment

c.training managers and employees on avoiding committing sexual harassment

d.investigating and taking action when sexual harassment is reported


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