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A marketing professor in Ithaca, New York, maintains a museum of failed consumer products.

A marketing professor in Ithaca, New York, maintains a museum of failed consumer products. Most new products in this museum failed during the __________ stage of new product development, when they are introduced to a limited geographical area.



B.product launch

C.test marketing

D.product development

E.concept testing

82.When McDonald's comes up with a new drink or sandwich for its restaurants, it often markets it in a dozen or so of its outlets. When the company does this, it is engaged in



B.product launch.

C.test marketing.

D.product development.

E.concept testing.

83.The __________ step in the product development process is critical, requiring tremendous resources and extensive coordination of all aspects of the marketing mix.



B.product launch


D.product development

E.evaluation of results

84.__________ are special incentives offering reduced prices for a limited time, offered to retailers to get them to try a new product.


A.Loss leaders

B.Push prices

C.Market skimming incentives

D.Introductory price promotions

E.Distribution rebates

85.Which of the following would NOT be part of the launch of a new product?


A.educational efforts for complex or conceptually new products

B.technical support staff for technical products

C.determining the price for the product

D.incentives for distributors

E.starting to make preliminary decisions about the target market

86.Now that the consumer demand is building for Miranda's new organic shampoo, she and her team face a new set of decisions. Which of the following is NOT one of the decision items on the agenda for the team discussion of place in the marketing mix for a new product launch?


A.How much should be shipped initially to the stores?

B.Where should the merchandise be stored: at distribution centers or shipped directly to the stores?

C.Which retailers are chosen to sell the product?

D.Are the packaging colors working well with the target markets?

E.Should the manufacturer be involved in reordering decisions?

87.A(n) __________ is a fee paid by manufacturers to get new products into stores or to gain more or better shelf space for products.


A.facilitating payment

B.introductory price promotion

C.slotting allowance

D.stocking premium

E.place holder

88.Beverly is assessing the results of a new product launch of a series of e-books for her bookstore. When evaluating the results, Beverly will likely consider all of the following EXCEPT


A.why it took her so long to consider the new product line.

B.whether the e-books are generating the expected level of profit.

C.whether the e-books are generating the expected level of sales.

D.whether her customers are interested in the new books.

E.whether the e-books function as expected.

89.Which of the following is NOT one of the four product life cycle stages?







90.Microsoft's Windows operating system continues to dominate the market, even though it has been around for over twenty years. Windows will likely remain in the maturity stage of the product life cycle



B.until it rules the world.

C.until a superior product comes along to replace it.

D.unless Microsoft repositions Windows as an introductory stage product.

E.as long as the company doesn't change it.

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