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A Reaction Response Paper is a writing assignment where you express your personal

A Reaction/Response Paper is a writing assignment where you express your personal thoughts, interpretation, and evaluation of a topic (this will become your thesis statement), while always making reference to the text. It is not a research paper and investigation beyond the text is not necessary.
Questions you might ask yourself:
How do I feel about the topic?
Do I agree with the authors conclusion based on his or her facts?
Could there have been another interpretation?
How has this reading impacted my view of the topic?
Did I realize something that was unknown to me before?
Did the reading simply reinforce ideas and beliefs I already had about the topic?
Did I in anyway identify with the reading?
In discussing your reaction or response, it is important to make references to the facts presented in the text. For example, if you disagree with the point of view of the author, please make references to the specific facts you disagree with and back up your claims with arguments, examples, or reference to other readings. The intent of the paper is for you to understand your reaction and response to the reading and express it in a logical and compelling manner and at the same time add to your writing and critical thinking skills.
Tips on Reaction/Response Papers:
1. Always think of yourself as a newspaper or magazine writer who is writing for the general public (not for the professor or the class) who does not have the background on the subject. When you mention a concept, you need to explain it. When you state something is good or bad you must show proof. Always think of the reader as asking “what does that phrase mean?” Who is that person? What year is the writer taking about?
2. Never just refer to “the text” without naming it (remember the general public does not know what text you used).
3. Also, remember, to keep the quotes short. In a 3 page paper, long quotations overwhelm it and make too much of the content someone else’s words
Paper Format:
Paper must be written using APA Style
Introductory Paragraph:
In first paragraph, must identify the name of the chapter, the text, author and year of publication
If you can find the date of publication that would be a bonus. Most of the stories do not indicate that but you can find it (if you want) by googling what year was Is Facebook Making Us Sad? by Libby Copeland written?” (or whatever story you are writing about) Sometimes knowing the date helps you understand the point of view of the author better. For example if something was written very recently, the author is probably discussing ideas you are very familiar with. If, on the other hand, the story was written in 1800 (none of ours are!) then you would realize that the ideas may have been popular at that time but perhaps today we do not think that way.
Very brief summary of the reading which is an introduction
Body of the Paper:
Discuss the reading and your response/reaction to it making references to the facts. If disputing the facts or the conclusions, you must give solid reasons for doing so.
Always be accurate with the titles and authors. If you use any quotes from the text book, you may use parenthetical citation with just the page number in parentheses. If you quote from another book, then you must put the author and page number in parentheses. All sources quoted from must also appear in the References (APA Style). Make sure each paragraph flows from the paragraph before it with good transitions.
Concluding Paragraph:
This is a wrap up of what you were discussing.
Add no new information.
Do not write In conclusion. Just write in such a way that it is obvious that this is the conclusion.
if you have questions ask
Come up with a good title
in text cites is important

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