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7020EHR MANAGING DIVERSITY Essay Additional Information This essay must include sufficient academic.






Additional Information


This essay must include sufficient academic research and references to ensure a detailed understanding of the chosen issue. While it is difficult to specify the exact number of references needed, at this level of study a minimum of 12 academic references is given as a guide. Websites can be used and those from government departments and research organisations will be particularly useful for some topics as they contain detailed reports. However, a sufficient number of academic references should be included.


Remember to check the GBS Resources Bank on your course website (there is a link on the Announcements page). This is very helpful resource covering topics such as how to ‘unpack key words’, how to write an Introduction, how to reference correctly. There is even a ‘model essay’ to review.


The following details are a GUIDE.



Present the overview of your essay. You should give an overview of the broad issue (for example age discrimination or whatever your topic is). You can then identify the particular issue(s) that will be discussed in depth in the essay. (This section is approximately 2 or 3 paragraphs in length).


Body of essay

· Write a critical review of the current scholarly literature that relates to your dominant diversity issues. (This section is the main part of your assignment.)

  • Identify what the literature says about the issues.
  • Is there a prevailing theme that appears common throughout the literature? Is there a minority view? Report both of these (compare and contrast) and any gaps in the literature.
  • Identify any limitations of the research undertaken in the literature – generalisability, validity, relevance to your topics, and that you think would be helpful to target future research for those diversity issues.
  • Ensure you analyse the articles, not merely describethem.
  • Identify and document any gaps/contradictions between espoused theories and actual outcomes about your issue(s).



Summarise the literature and your conclusions following your critical analysis of the issues.



Assessment Criteria: Marking Guidelines





Introduction providing an overview of the issues to be analysed (5)




Coverage and critical analysis of the literature (including recent journal articles), including limitations of the literature (25)




Structure of the assignment - logical flow and argument throughout the essay. Transition sentences from one issue/paragraph to the next (5)




Correct referencing in the text of the assignment, and the Reference list (at least 12 academic-standard references are expected)

Grammar, Spelling and Presentation





TOTAL: 40 marks

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