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6. How is My Work Marked? After you have submitted your work or you have completed an..

6. How is My Work Marked? After you have submitted your work or you have completed an examination, Anglia Ruskin undertakes a series of activities to assure that our marking processes are comparable with those employed at other universities in the UK and that your work has been marked fairly, honestly and consistently. These include: • Anonymous marking – your name is not attached to your work so, at the point of marking, the lecturer does not know whose work he/she is considering. When you undertake an assessment task where your identity is known (e.g. a presentation or Major Project), it is marked by more than one lecturer (known as double marking) • Internal moderation – a sample of all work for each assessment task in each module is moderated by other Anglia Ruskin staff to check the standards and consistency of the marking • External moderation – a sample of student work for all modules is moderated by external examiners – experienced academic staff from other universities (and sometimes practitioners who represent relevant professions) - who scrutinise your work and provide Anglia Ruskin academic staff with feedback, advice and assurance that the marking of your work is comparable to that in other UK universities. Many of Anglia Ruskin’s staff act as external examiners at other universities. • Departmental Assessment Panel (DAP) – performance by all students on all modules is discussed and approved at the appropriate DAPs which are attended by all relevant Module Leaders and external examiners. Anglia Ruskin has over 25 DAPs to cover all the different subjects we teach. This module falls within the remit of the Economics, International Business and Operations Management DAP. The following external examiners are appointed to this DAP and will oversee the assessment of this and other modules within the DAP’s remit: ECONOMICS, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS

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Order IdEHUK4880Order TypeAssignment Words3000Deadline2015-03-16TopicMarketing design and innovation - Samsung latest phone model - writer cab take one ( clint of renuumarefer)SubjectMarketingRefrence SystemWriter NameDM AssociateAdditional RequirementMarketing Design and Innovation provided sample assisgment have a look, guildlines, in previously intake student didnot get good marks so request do propoer in this time. Please see pages 9 -12 of the module guide to locate the assignment brief. needed 1. Title in first page : which company's product you want to work. ( you can chose latest product ) 2. table of contacin Task one Please make sure you have selected an innovative product/service for the assignment. Selecting an organisation is not acceptable. You are required to justify why the chosen product is considered as innovative. This is not a research paper but an assignment. Therefore, you may remove non relevant sections such as literature review, objectives etc and provide answer for assignment question straightaway. Answer for each sub section need to be done with the application of relevant theories and concepts. • Benefits and value to the clients - Maslow’s hierarchy, Diffusion of innovation, Customer delivered value, value chain • The uniqueness of the design element – Product anatomy, Product life cycle • Brand appeal – Brand pyramid, brand positioning, competitive strategy It is not required to apply all the models. You may select appropriate models and apply to build your answer. Task two If you discuss about your experience regarding the assignment (task one) your approach is incorrect. You are required to explain your experience about learning the entire module (MDI). You may refer learning outcome of this module to structure the answer. • Learning acquired by the candidate by undertaking the MDI module • Learning acquired by the student by undertaking the assignment • Difficulties faced in learning the module in total •...



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